Aarhus’ Økologiske Fødevarefællesskab – Aarhus Organic Food Community

Aarhus / januar 4, 2018

Aarhus’ Økologiske Fødevarefællesskab – Aarhus Organic Food Community

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An association driven by firebrands and their joy in ecology

Aarhus’ Organic Food Community is an association that supplies members with locally produced, organic fruit of high quality at a cheap price.

The association is run by voluntary forces that burn for ecology. You will find us at Godsbanen, Aarhus together with a number of other green actors. Every Wednesday between 16:00 and 18:30 you can pick up your pre-ordered, organic and locally produced vegetables.

Members order via the website and pack their bags themselves. Then we meet each other and at the same time get a little soil under the nails.

The supply of fruit and vegetables varies according to season and weather conditions. The bags of the week are composed of the association’s purchasing team in consultation with the local farmers who deliver to the association. The bags of the week therefore reflect the whims of nature. In the winter there are many kilos of green in the bags and with the sun and the heat the bags become a little lighter and more colorful throughout the year. It is always exciting in this way to keep up with the season’s natural shift in the range while eating after the season.

Time and effort runs the work

Aarhus’ Organic Food Community chose to change radically in 2016 in its understanding of volunteering. The association thus proceeded to say that everyone in the association should contribute to volunteering are driven by the time and effort. The association is certainly run by the same people, and it would be nice if more people participated. Conversely, we experience a great sense of responsibility among our firebrands who contribute to stability and provide room for individual commitment that benefits the whole. In the association we believe that volunteers should not be afraid of making mistakes. On the other hand, there must be room for exploring new ideas and drawing conclusions, that there may not be room for in a more professional workplace.

As a volunteer in Aarhus’s Ecological Food Community, one can engage in different ways. Among other things, we have a number of different working groups:

The store group maintain the schedules for the staff. There are always happy and well-educated people to guide and assist when new members are to be notified or when to order and pick up vegetables.

The arrangement and recipe group creates exciting, cozy and social exposures such as lectures, workshops or community dining. They also develop recipes and offer an opportunity for taste samples based on the season’s green.

The purchasing and food group, in collaboration with the association’s suppliers, assembles the bags of the week, seeks new local specialties and stands for the contact with the Food Administration.

The communication group is responsible for internal communication in the form of our monthly newsletter as well as planning of SoMe surveys and campaigns that profile the association. The communication team works closely with the arrangement group.

The Board and the Finance Group are elected at the Annual General Meeting. They make the strategic work.

You can read more about Aarhus Organic Food Community on our website.

Dennis Hensel, Chairman, Aarhus Organic Food Community