About Civilian

Civilian is a nonprofit portal about firebrands. Civilian tells the inspiring stories about firebrands and their projects in civil society. Projects which would otherwise live a quiet and unnoticed life.

Firebrands are often the first to see possibilities and release positive talents in the civil society.  The ideas and initiatives of firebrands are of invaluable importance to the development of meaningful communities, welfare and prosperity in society.

About Henning Rasmussen

I have worked for many years with firebrands and volunteers in Denmark and abroad within rural development, villages, neighborhoods, food, environment and energy. Every time I thought that others should also know about this so they could be inspired by it.

I have therefore started this portal so that the many firebrands can become visible and inspire others to get started. No matter how small or large a project, it can help make a positive difference to others.

Henning Rasmussen conducts lectures and arranges seminars and conferences for and about firebrands. E.g. the Festival of firebrands in Aarhus September22, 2018. Read more.

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