Sydals / Oktober 1, 2017


1391 1007 Civilian

E-sport is the fastest growing sport in Denmark in recent years. I contacted our local football club to hear if they wanted e-sports as an activity in the association. Your answer was “yes”, but they did not have the necessary resources. So, they asked if I would be the prime engine on the project. As I thought it was a good project, I said yes, quickly got an IT-savvy person on the carriage, and a website and Facebook page were created. From there, it took off speed, we founded the association Als-Esport in February 2017 and held a LAN party in April 2017, which became a huge success. We got many volunteer helpers and coaches, most of whom contacted us.

We are currently 5 men in the board and a cashier, all of whom are handpicked. In relation to our cashier, I made a post on Facebook, after 10 minutes the position was occupied.

Many who are interested in computer games have needed a place to go where they can be part of a community. This has been found through Als-Esport.

We are based on the following common values:

– We help one another

– We make each other better

– No bullying

– Community and community gathering.

We work with the spread of e-sports in the association community, prevention of bullying & racism, development of gaming skills as well as personal competencies, as well as offering and developing diet and exercise initiatives.

We have 11 game PCs with 24 “gaming screens available. CSGO, League of Legends, Minecraft and FIFA are played.

We want to create a base for mainly young people aged 10 years and over. Young ones who burn for e-sports as beginner to elite level. We achieve this by offering qualified facilities, equipment and well-trained coaches in a well-functioning association environment.

Thomas Larsen, Chairman Als Esport