Aarhus / januar 4, 2018


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ANTV – Anerkendende tv (Appreciative TV) is working with visual and social reality touch.

Quality of life and creativity. Flexibility and versatility. Inspiring and challenging.

Acceptance, presence, trust and visuality. Colorful in depth. Social spaciousness. A bumblebee in the media circus.

ANTV is a social economy company that deals with television and video within the fields of psychiatry, health, vulnerable groups. We have a nationwide broadcasting license and send 1/2 hour TV every Thursday evening at. 21:00.

ANTV deals with issues that are taboo and has low priority by the media and society. At the same time, we convey trends in psychiatry and focus on the political handling of homeless people, the mentally ill and the weakest.

What is it that helps? What can you do yourself?

We also have a teaching project with Aarhus Municipality and FO-Aarhus, where we train up to 15 hours a week to train mentally vulnerable people in making video and television.

In addition, we have made for example.,, fø,

We are 7 employees and we have lived in the current premises at the South Harbor in Aarhus for almost 10 years. Before that, ANTV was a part of Aarhus Filmværksted and later Mediehus Aarhus, so we have a long story on the record. There is good reason why the place here fits us well – between creative entrepreneurs and vulnerable groups.

Erik Scriver, Managing Director ANTV