Aarhus / januar 4, 2018


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BISTAD produces honey and other beekeeping-related products in East Jutland in an interaction between vulnerable citizens, volunteers and employees. Our work is about the bees and the honey they give us. Our everyday life is about creating a spacious community where everyone can contribute.

In BISTAD we are very aware of how we can create a working community that is rewarding to vulnerable citizens. There are two reasons why we are successful with this occupation. Firstly, we shift the focus from problems and diagnoses to what humans are able to offer when offering a safe and flexible framework. We are not somewhere for “clients”, but a place for people who want to learn about nature and beekeeping and participate in our production. Secondly, we gather people from many different societies and in many different stages of life, for mutual inspiration for all. We serves as a kind of respite for citizens such as having severe mental problems, or previous abuse, and for citizens as of several different reasons temporarily leave the labor market. We also engage many volunteers in our work, from students to retirees. They contribute a lot to make our day.

There are two things that we are passionate about, which make up the very foundation of our existence. We burn for the work with the bees and for the focus on nature and well-being, like this work demands. And we are passionate to work with socially vulnerable citizens and to create a spacious working community.

1) Bees and nature

In recent years there has been a lot of focus on the biology and its significance for pollination of both flowers and crops. About one third of world food production is dependent on the pollination of bees, but the bees suffers hard among the monocultures of the country and, among other things the use of pesticides.

I BISTAD, we have several reasons to work with the bees. We would like to inform you about the bees crucial function in nature. We would like to work with the bees and open people’s eyes for, that beekeeping is an exciting field. We would like to develop on the different types of honey, which can be produced in various places in the city and at the countryside and show that honey can be used as a substitute for refined sugar in many contexts. At the same time, we have extensive experience because working with bees can have an almost therapeutic effect.

People who are vulnerable have been exposed to stress or need respite.

2) Social responsibility

When we develop our society, it is important to think how we can avoid leaving anyone back in this process. In many places, it is therefore necessary meaningful employment, as it offers, to vulnerable citizens. We are very strong on the social skills and working on principles of equality and participation.

Lene Kiel Jensen, co-founder BISTAD