Blaffernationen – The hitchhiker movement

København / marts 1, 2018

Blaffernationen – The hitchhiker movement

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The Blaffernation is a nation movement, a collective action and social economy enterprise that extends and supports hitchhiking and more spontaneous carpooling.

The Blaffernation has 3 purposes. The first is to create trust between strangers by getting strangers to meet each other. In the cars you will meet the garbage collector, the nurse, the director and the local politician and the Polish craftsman. It makes sense to meet people you do not usually meet in everyday life, you meet on the road and in the cars. The face-to-face meeting in the intimate room of the car depletes prejudice.

Purpose 2: We want to promote adventurousness. You do not know who you drive with when you hitchhike. And it does something about our way of being in the world. Being able to navigate in chaos, you train as a hitchhiker.

Purpose 3: hitchhiking is an activist action that demonstrates the large space resources in the cars. There is about. 1.1 persons per car on average, filling up the cars reduces the crowds on the roads in both the cities and in the countryside.

The Blaffernation does a lot of projects under these 3 purposes. We have built 4 huge and artistic hitchhiker stops in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, which focus on this way of traveling. We have just been approved to have official hitchhiker stops with panels and road signs in cooperation with the City of Copenhagen and the Road Directorate. The plan is to make these stops throughout the country.

In addition, we arrange all kinds of events and fancy promotions. For example, we established the annual hitchhiker day with the campaign Denmark hitchhike to the workplace.

We also arrange lectures, where the many different stories can be told. We do this around the country, among other things. at colleges, libraries and other cultural and educational institutions.

We see ourselves as a very action-oriented movement where you can join if you want to contribute. Every summer, for example, we also arrange a week-long hitchhiker holiday made as a competition. It is funny to see the whole country from a different perspective as 30 people hitchhike around Denmark and solve strange tasks and meet local people from Lolland to Skagen, Tønder to Løgstør. Here is an obvious opportunity to join.

We are always open to ideas and we are working to make it even easier to join so you can jump on an existing project or start your own if you have an idea.

But otherwise, we’ll also just share the good stories from the road of the hitchhiker. Send your story to us with a photo or video and inspire more people to start hitchhiking. If you are going on a big trip, then there is the opportunity to take over our hitchhiker Instagram profile and update from the roads.

Carsten Theede, founder Blaffernationen