Bofællesskabet Torpegård – The community Torpegaard

Diernæs / juni 27, 2018

Bofællesskabet Torpegård – The community Torpegaard

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On the outskirts of the village Diernæs near Faaborg we are a group of people who have bought an organic property of 7.7 ha. in the spring 2017. Now in 2018, the first 7 plots can be built. On the last construction site, another 5 plots can be built as soon as there are more interested companions. There are now 9 families who are active and meet on board work and working days. There is good age spread. We have chosen to reserve two plots for families with children.

It is especially the community, the sustainable way of life, and the cultivation of the soil based on the biodynamic principles that form the basis of the group’s development and practice. We all want a high level of self-sufficiency and a calm and harmonious everyday life in beautiful surroundings, close to the forest and the beach. The group consists of people with a lot of knowledge about Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy and many of his practical and theoretical visions and there are also several families who are new to the subject, who are open to learning.

The property has established the start of a common vegetable garden, a larger fruit and berry garden. There is a smaller sheep team. In the future there will be Scottish highland cattle and other animals for self-sufficiency. The older property must be refurbished and used in the future for the common house. Here you can have common meetings and meals to suit your needs. In the long term, use guest rooms on the 1st floor when they are established.

The community wants to be an active part of local life. We are thinking of establishing a few shelters that can be used by, among other things, hikers on the Øhavsstien, which passes by Torpegård, close to the estate Holstenshus forest area. Svanninge Bakker, Sollerup Skov and Svanninge Bjerge are in this area. It is the largest cohesive forest and nature area in Funen.

The ownership consists of common areas, as well as private matrices, as the individual establishes his/her home, which is also self-financed. So, you buy a plot as well as one / twelfth of the 7.7 ha. The group around the local community decides in consensus to approve the new members to the site, as well as other common affairs.

David Christensen and Karen Keinicke, Torpegaard