Byorganisk – OrganicCity

København / marts 1, 2018

Byorganisk – OrganicCity

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The purpose of Byorganisk is to restore nutrients and create soil improvement that promotes healthy and vital soil. The basic idea is that healthy soil creates healthy plants for animals and humans.

Offside has been serving a cafe for 25 years, selling organic food made from vegetables from own horticulture. From the start it has been natural to take the sorted garbage back to the horticulture to utilize the nutritional content. Based on this past practice, we have developed Byorganisk as a more comprehensive composting project with several collaborators.

Thanks to a grant in 2013 from the Ministry of the Environment’s ” Puljen for Grønne Ildsjæle”, Offside, in collaboration with other social services under Center Nørrebro, a local school and restaurant, has realized the project Byorganisk. A project that, through composting, is intended to transform kitchen waste into a valuable cultivation resource.

At the same time, the project aims at creating jobs for people who find it hard to find jobs in the ordinary labor market. We see a potential in creating new meaningful jobs in connection with the collection and treatment of the organic material, cultivating and applying the actual kitchen herbs.

From Waste to Resource

Many municipalities have set aside that public-sector kitchens should, as far as possible, use organic raw materials. In organic farming, fertilizer is a scarce resource.

By returning nutrients from food production to smaller horticulture, this can be a valuable fertilizer source.

We use the compost in the cultivation of kitchen herbs. By delivering herbs to the involved kitchens we receive kitchen waste, we help to visualize important environmental concepts such as recycling.

Byorganisk today

Today we have an annual compost production of approx. 7 tons of compost delivered to Københavns Madhus, The Social Culture Garden at Bispebjerg Hospital, shelters at Center Nørrebro and Nørre Fælledvej School. We are also proud that our business partner since 2013 Restaurant Relæ, in 2015 and 2016, was voted the world’s most sustainable restaurant.

Our ambition is to continuously develop sustainability, create jobs and the best possible offer for vulnerable citizens in the future.

Byorganisk is a green offer under WeShelter

Offside currently has three green offers under WeShelter. – Inorganic, Social Culture Garden and the Horticulture.

In WeShelter, we believe in voluntary engagement, and we have more than 100 volunteers involved with homeless and socially vulnerable.

Niels Henrik Rønnfeldt, manager Byorganisk