Byparken i Ugelbølle – The city park in Ugelbølle

Ugelbølle / november 9, 2017

Byparken i Ugelbølle – The city park in Ugelbølle

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We are lucky!

All the citizens of the village have more than 24,000 m2 of city park in the heart of Ugelbølle.

It’s an unusual gift, a great joy and a huge challenge!

Syddjurs Kommune owns the large area of ​​approximately 14,000 m2. Friskolen owns the remaining part at approx. 10,000 m2. Syddjurs Municipality has provided facilities for existing paths and part of the illumination along the paved path. A condition that the municipality would buy the area was that citizens should be able to organize and operate the public area.

The children and adults of the village have helped to determine what the park should look like and what it should contain through an ideological process. After that, landscape architect Jørgen Larsen was given the opportunity to plan for the new common green area – the new park is also outdoor space for the private school nearby.

The first crucial steps in the realization of the park are taken – the master plan, the landscape shaped, drained and sown grass, established ball field and lake.

The green area is encircled by live fences. The trails sweep in the hilly terrain, soon open in the landscape and soon through clusters of trees, across a small lake and through a small circular garden. You can already go hiking with the dog or stroller and have a quiet time on a bench while the children play in the sand or at soccer field.

Maintenance, lawn mowing, planting are the work of many enthusiasts and volunteers. It all takes time and there is a lot of work ahead before planting is completed and the park has become a green oasis.

But the citizens of Ugelbølle have shown that they have a lot of resources. In 2010, the municipality of Syddjurs decided, despite major protests from the citizens of Ugelbølle, to lay down the primary school in Ugelbølle. But a group of local firebrands immediately came into action, and with great support from the citizens Ugelbølle Friskole (private school) was established. Immediately after the founding general assembly, planning of a brand-new school building was initiated for several million DKK. In 2012 the school building was ready for relocation. Ugelbølle Friskole has got a good reputation. In 2010 there were approx. 135 pupils, today there are almost twice as many pupils. Teaching is offered at 0. – 6. grade. Ca. 25% of the pupils come from other villages.

Under the slogan “Ugelbølle – A child-friendly village”, the village has experienced a big growth. There are always new citizens coming to the village, and many new houses are being built. The many enthusiasts, and the great commitment are an important reason why the population of Ugelbølle as grown by approx. 22%, by comparison, the corresponding figure for Aarhus is “only” 18%. Most of the successors are families with small children from Aarhus – and there is room for even more.

Cathrine Becher Ugelboelle