Café MellemFolk – Café BetweenPeople

Aarhus / april 1, 2018

Café MellemFolk – Café BetweenPeople

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In the spring of 2018, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke Aarhus opened their very own nonprofit, global, sustainable café at Vestergade 69 in Aarhus: Café MellemFolk. A café created by young firebrands with the desire for more compassion and less inequality. Several years ago, the desire arose and now the idea is realized.

It is the idea of ​​a café that forms the framework for a community that is both global and local right in the center of Aarhus. International as well as for local initiatives and organizations. Based on common values ​​such as equality, diversity, sustainability, global view, solidarity and human rights, volunteers have created a base for Mellemfolkelig Samvirke, which at the same time is a platform for much more and many others. It is essential that the café prioritizes inclusion highly. There must be room for everyone and space for diversity.

The wish is to create a social and professional meeting place, where there are all-around enlightening and entertaining events. Whatever it is a feminist festival, board games evening, debating event on asylum, Somali folk kitchen or knitting club. Volunteers want to create a place where people can discuss and meet new people. Where to get to know each other. But also, a place where you can come and enjoy a beer or cup of coffee without being required commitment or attitude. Volunteers from all parts of the world also want an equally diverse collection of visitors. The cafe should be able to form a bridge between cultures and be a place where everyone fits in and can contribute with exactly what you bring.

Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke in Aarhus had a volunteer group for five years. Two years ago, there were no more than five to six people meeting around the library or at each other. Just one year ago, 20 firebrands went to a workshop in Copenhagen to form the common basis for the café. Today, there are more than 50 committed volunteers who organize across working groups and create activist events; build bar; fundraise money for our projects; making our Facebook page, organize demonstrations, teaching high school students about tax havens; Reseller agreements with local suppliers and help create a truly amazing voluntary community. A lot of people are ready to serve coffee in the café every day when the doors open.

The driving force behind is in addition to the big visions and simply the desire for a better world. The meaningful community that Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke in Aarhus is, young firebrands can share their values ​​and together create something new.

Do you want to become part of this community? To serve beer and coffee or work behind the scene? Then come to one of the regular info meetings or send a message on Facebook.

Line Bech Nielsen, volunteer Cafe MellemFolk