Danmarks Veganske Forening – Danish Vegan Society

Aarhus / september 1, 2018

Danmarks Veganske Forening – Danish Vegan Society

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If you could save the environment and 150 billion animals annually, would you not do it?
What do we want?

In our association we are working on creating a world with greater respect for environment, animals and people with more understanding of how we can each can make a big difference without necessarily make our everyday more difficult or less exciting.
Most people have probably heard of “vegan” lifestyle and connect it with strict rules and boring salads, many hours in the kitchen or expensive products. We would like to show that it on the contrary can be as easy, delicious and inexpensive to live 100% plant-based, as vegetable smoothies, pizza, burgers, chocolate and ice cream. That way, we give people more options, not fewer.
With different events, we inspire a vegan lifestyle. We participate in the social debate, both on television and in other media, and we try to influence restaurants, shops and producers to offer plant-based products to vegans and others who would like to live more animal friendly.

When we want to open people’s eyes to the possibilities and benefits of living plant-based, it’s not because it’s “smart” but because it’s needed. World consumption of animal food is one of the biggest reasons for global warming, deforestation and lack of drinking water. The world’s ports are expected to be emptied of fish by 2050 if we continue to fish, as you do today. At the same time, the animal industry is the cause of famine in many places in the world as well as many diseases including diabetes, certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases, which is the primary cause of death in our part of the world. At the same time, industry poses a serious risk of epidemics of bird and swine flu in the future.
Last but certainly not least, it is important for us to challenge the perception that we need animals for food, clothes and entertainment, and that we as humans in general have the right to take the animals their freedom, their kids and ultimately their lives, a treatment there despite the actual circumstances in Agriculture is called “animal welfare”.

With the motto Food with Compassion, we fight for a world where we let the animals live in peace and takes care of the planet and each other.

Do you want to volunteer?

Despite the serious subject, our activism is always positive. We share food in the street and arrange common meals etc., which can always bring a smile. Our association is run exclusively by volunteers, and as a volunteer you will be an important part of our movement and of the transformation into a more animal and environmentally friendly world.

Sebastian Hatt, Local Coordinator of Aarhus Danmarks Veganske Forening