The Danish Vegetarian Association

København / februar 1, 2018

The Danish Vegetarian Association

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The Danish Vegetarian Association (DVF) is an association that works to spread vegetarian life and inform about the benefits of cutting down animal products – both for animals and people and for global sustainability. DVF is an association for vegetarians, vegans and anyone else who supports plant-based livelihoods and is a non-profit organization based primarily on voluntary labor – our firebrands.

The association was founded in 1896 and today there are more than 100 volunteers in the association. As a volunteer, you become part of a community of enthusiasts who believe in and work for a better world. As a volunteer in DVF, you are either affiliated with one of our local departments or affiliated with one or more different committees such as works with the preparation of information books, events, lectures, outreach, communication, business or the senior area. Regular events are organized for new and experienced volunteers, where they can get to know each other and get input and updates on various projects and activities underway in the DVF.

Our volunteers work with a variety of activities and projects, each contributing to our mission.

This is about:

– A nationwide school project where young ambassadors are out and inform pupils from 6th to 10th grade about the relationships between meat, vegetarian food and sustainability.

– Labeling criteria for vegetarian and vegan food, where we work through outreach and close dialogue with companies and supermarkets to make it much easier to choose and find vegetarian and vegan products.

– Ensuring and supporting the rights of vegetarians and vegans by ensuring citizens’ right to live vegetarian and vegan. We especially focus on public institutions such as kindergartens, schools, hospitals and nursing homes, where citizens’ wishes vegetarian and vegan meals are too often not respected.

– Impact of public opinion through debates, participation in relevant television programs, radio broadcasts and podcasts. We provide ongoing material and views to a wide range of journalistic articles for both daily press and weekly magazines, consumer magazines, etc.

– Dissemination of information materials like activities on street level, fairs and lectures. Our volunteers so far prepared two recipe pamphlets, an introductory book, a sustainability campaign, pamphlets about animal ethics, hunger, nutrition for pregnant women and infants and a large kitchen pouch. A healthcare pamphlet is coming soon.

– Social activities and events e.g. Vegetarian Festival, lectures, common dining, New Year’s Eve lunch, summer parties and Christmas parties, and we celebrate anniversaries like Danish Vegetarian day, International Vegetarian day and International Vegan day. In addition, we attend trade fairs and squares, as well as flavor days in supermarkets.

In the Danish Vegetarian Association it is not important who you are but what you do and we believe that every plant-based meal makes a difference.

Louise Johansen, organization coordinator  Vegetarisk