Den ny Maltfabrik – The New Malt Factory

Ebeltoft / november 1, 2017

Den ny Maltfabrik – The New Malt Factory

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In the heart of Ebeltoft is an old red-scale malt factory thrown with combs, chimneys and lots of soul. In the era of industrialization, S. B. Lundbergs Malt Factory from 1861 was locally an economic and social focal point with the production of malt to the rest of Denmark and the Far East, and the factory secured several hundred local citizens employment. Production finally closed down in 1998 and for almost two decades, the Malt Factory’s distinctive red building stock has been in hibernation, but a group of local visionary firebrands rescued buildings from demolition with the vision of creating a dynamic center for creative business and culture.

In 2007-2008, Anders Byriel (CEO of Kvadrat), Peter Sand and Kristian Krog, as members of the ”Fleksible Kulturscener”, volunteered each other for the first time. The members of the group were all volunteers and, with different perspectives, said yes, to help create some new development trails in Ebeltoft and Syddjurs Municipality.

After a longer process, the result of the group’s work was presented to the then city council in the form of a proposal to revitalize the Malt Factory in Ebeltoft.

The project gradually became what we know today as The New Malt Factory – a future urban development project for more than 150 million. kr.

Everything sprouted from below through a strong and dedicated local anchorage.

It may be forgotten, but the same city council, which welcomed the idea of ​​the reinterpretation of the Malt Factory, also gave demolition permission to the otherwise preservative building that contains a total narrative about Ebeltoft and industrial development for more than 150 years. It meant a civil disobedience campaign with blockbuster, protests and banners at the Malt Factory to show that the city wanted something else.

The demolition was prevented as it proved possible locally to raise the two-digit million amount, which made a purchase possible and at the same time became the basis for establishing a so-called business fund with a non-profit-making foundation The New Malt Factory.

The current chairman of the fund The New Malt Factory Dagmar Brendstrup (former director of Glasmuseet in Ebeltoft) was among the first to support the project and its realization.

Today, everyone in the competent committee behind the project is volunteering and it is thus a fundamental principle behind the project that it is largely based on a desire to contribute to the development of Ebeltoft and Syddjurs Municipality, from voluntary and committed perspective.

Volunteering has become nuanced over time and from Folke shares to Malt janitors on the one hand, and Ebeltoft Kulturhus’s volunteers who have already been the foundation of many cultural events in and around the Malt factory on the other.

The new Maltfabrik is already formed before 2019 by its completion and opening in 2019 and carried by not least local enthusiasts and a broad strong volunteer effort.

Not least this relationship has been a decisive precondition in the dialogue with the country’s largest foundations and thus the foundation for the entire Maltfabrik’s current success and perspective.

Peter Sand, consultant Ny Malt