Samsoe Energy Academy

Ballen / december 1, 2017

Samsoe Energy Academy

1843 1536 Civilian

Samsoe Energy Academy is a house where people meet a sustainable future.

Samsoe Energy Academy is located north of Ballen Harbor on Samsoe. The academy is a meeting house where the island’s many associations hold meetings and gatherings.

All employees at the Energy Academy live on Samsoe. They have different competencies in sustainable development based on the island’s status as Fossil Fri Island 2030. Samsoe Energy Academy specializes in sustainable development in close cooperation with the local population and Samsoe municipality.

The stakeholders come because we formulate presentations and conferences based on the knowledge Samsoe has, through the development of sustainable change. In 10 years Samsoe became 100 percent self-sufficient with renewable energy, often through approved alternative technologies and installations.

At the same time, researchers from Danish and foreign educational institutions can research concrete energy projects from the academy.

The house we work in is designed by architects. Based on organic principles and a good indoor climate with natural ventilation. The building has a minimal consumption of drinking water and we use rainwater for toilet rinsing. High insulation and energy glazing provide low heat consumption and the academy is connected to the village of Ballen’s straw-fired district heating.

On the roofs we have two solar heating plants that produce electricity and hot water, these serve as demonstration facilities for the house guests. A-labeled electrical appliances and low-consumption light fixtures have been used, as are the windows of the building for optimum light intensity. The power supply is from solar cells on the roof.

The activities are based on communities, and in this way, communities are formed as a kind of community administration. A modern fellowship, so to speak, where we together define what we want to share, and then perform the tasks that we have agreed – in common!!

The academy is a self-governing institution with a board based on a general objective of Samsoe as a 100% sustainable energy society.

The academy hosts 4-5,000 guests a year. They come from all over the world and represent everything from citizen groups, NGOs and companies to political representatives. We also travel abroad and do workshops and lectures for universities, organizations and municipalities of all kinds.

Samsoe was appointed in 1997 as Denmark’s renewable energy island. We would show in 10 years that we could convert the island’s energy supply to 100% renewable energy. We did that, measured by our total CO2 emissions, which today is negative. Now the goal is to become 100% free of fossil fuels in 2030! Therefore, we have made a 3.0 plan to show the way. We will try to organize the citizens, so they can see where they can contribute and what is wisest to do to achieve the goal. We meet every year for workshops where we together with our large network and the citizens of Samsoe look forward to defining where we want to go together!

Søren Hermansen, Director, Energy Akademy