Fællesgartneriet – The Common horticulture

Brabrand / Oktober 2, 2017

Fællesgartneriet – The Common horticulture

1315 622 Civilian

The purpose of The Common horticulture was to utilize an existing resource – a closed horticulture with plenty of opportunities to grow large amounts of food. We want to show how, with very few means and materials, we can create life and activities that bring together people in the city and give them quality of life. A greenhouse is ideal not only for the cultivation of food, but also as an outdoor space that can be used all year round and allow for outdoor activities in conjunction with others. We want to create proximity and commitment to the foods we eat.

I initiated The Common Horticulture in 2014, where the first greenhouse was rented. The 750 m2 were divided into 24 lots and quickly occupied by interested villagers.

Today there are more than 100 members with passion for vegetables, self-sufficiency and ecology. We have three large greenhouses of a total of 2,200 m2 and a land of approx. 6,000 m2 with beautiful view over Årslev Engsø. The association is run by a board of 7 firebrands, who all volunteer. We have for example invested in a shared kitchen, toilet, fully automatic irrigation system and various tools and machines.

Members themselves fit their own lodges in greenhouses and outdoors and actively participate in the community on site, among other things. we cooperate with a beekeeper. The tranquil surroundings and beautiful views are some of the qualities that members appreciate. Gardening and proximity to nature restrain and give peace after a long day in the city’s noise.

We hope that others will inspire and spread the idea, as many people in the cities will enjoy a more active outdoor life. You are always welcome to contact us.

Marie Kirstine Pilgaard, Chairman Fællesgartneriet