Fjellerups Seje Sild – Fjellerup “Loud Ladies”

Fjellerup / juni 1, 2018

Fjellerups Seje Sild – Fjellerup “Loud Ladies”

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Fjellerups Seje Sild started in April 2013 when a small handful of firebrands began to knit “FJELLERUPHAV”, which was a knitted/crocheted exhibition of the wildlife in Kattegat near the coast of Fjellerup. The result was with great success exhibited at Fjellerup Strand in summer 2013, later it has been exhibited at the Kattegatcenter and at Randers Library.

The little handful knitters raised to a lot more. But what should we do and how did we make a business of knitting? The economy quickly came in place, we got support from several local associations, and we could get started. At the same time, we widely asked for recycled yarn, it came (and still occurs) in large quantities.

At Odense University Hospital we knew a midwife who we made an agreement to knit hats, splashes, blankets and suits for newborn children and premature children. This agreement was subsequently extended with an agreement to knit caps and swears to the group of grief, who works with families that has lost their children. This niche, we know, is greatly appreciated by everyone in the difficult situation.

Here’s a small excerpt from the leader of the group of grief: “It is our experience that the couples who lost their child are VERY happy about your hats and coats. It gives them an experience of more presence and humanity in all the clinical and sadness when they lose their children. That parents can swallow their children often means very much in the short while. ”

In the autumn of 2013 we could make a small sales stall at a local fish shop and at our bakery. The result was that our items could be sold! So, we knitted on. During the winter we got a deal with 2 local medical centers, they would like to receive knitted teddy bears for distribution at the 2-year examination.

Things to Odense University Hospital must be made of cotton yarn. Here we entered a very generous procurement agreement with Gartnergårdens Hobby i Ramten.

In summer 2014, the exhibition was back in Fjellerup, now with a small sales department, which proved to give a great profit.

In autumn 2014 we had to find a new exhibition venue. It turned out to be easy when the Tuesday club in Fjellerup after the renovation of an old unique tar pitch began to make a Bundgarnsmuseum. It became Fjellerup’s alternative Bundgarnsmuseum, when it was populated by our knitted exhibition, which was placed in a model of a bundle yarn. The agreement was that we had to exhibit and have our sales department against the fact that we took care of the museum during opening hours. It has proved to be a worthwhile deal.

In our articles of association, the first point is to make Fjellerup known beyond the municipal boundary and we have been and away from home with our knitted items. We have given hats to newborns at Queen Ingrid Hospital in Nuuk, Greenland and to a small birthplace in Uummannaq, Greenland. We provide teddy bears for the Julemærkehjemmet in Hobro and the Secondhand shop Skovtrolden in Grenå and pulse and bone warmers for chemo patients in Vejle. In addition, we have sold 40 Christmas socks and 25 Christmas baskets to a company in Aarhus, which has used them as Christmas gifts for their business relations, all over Denmark. We have also made press releases for the local weekly magazines and received small notes in both the Familie Journalen and Hjemmet.

The newest thing is to knit Pocket Friends, which is a small knitted figure, distributed in the ambulances to nervous / afraid patients.

In all the years we have sold for about DKK 142,000, which we have distributed for various purposes most in the local area.

We have supported: Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Danske Hospitalsklovne, Forglemmigej, Glesborg Plejecenter, our local playground Fjollehaven, our kindergarten, the Julehjertehjem in Hobro and Blå Flag Fjellerup.

Right now, we are more than 25 knitters, mostly from the vicinity, but also from Aarhus, Randers and Grenå and even from Switzerland! Anyone who wants to knit for charity purposes is welcome. We meet at Fjellerup Activity House according to the following schedule: Thursday in just weeks: kl. 19 – 21, and Friday for odd weeks at. 9 – 11 You can also be a “home knitter”.

We get a lot of yarn so once again we must be very creative. Therefore, over the years, we have made a little different “useless thing”, it is just in spirit of Queen Margrethe. We have made an honorary port for rent, knit around a couple of benches, a bike and 5 coffee pots and made a couple of cakes and a miniature caravan. A huge spiderweb with Spiderman, 80 small spiderwebs and a Bifrost bench was part of last year’s local art project: “Broen over Sortå”. Many of our “fun things” together with some new ones will be exhibited in our own project: ” silde STI men” this summer. For this project we have received support from Norddjurs Kulturfond.

The Nordea Fund has given us support for our next major venture: FJELLERUP STØTTER BRYSTERNE, which take place in week 40 with culmination on Pink Saturday, October 6th. 2018 Here most of the associations and traders in the city will participate.

It is our desire to continue to be charitable and creative / crazy, so we are still the happy recipients of yarn, which can be handed over to the shop of Folkekirkens Nødhjælp in Fjellerup, labeled Fjellerup’s Seje Sild, or in the opening hours of the museum, which is in July and August is every day from 14-17, and Thursday evening 19-21, Evening opening only until mid-August.

Kirsten Behr, Fjellerups Seje Sild