FødevareBanken – The Food Bank

København / marts 1, 2018

FødevareBanken – The Food Bank

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The Food Bank distributes surplus food from the food industry to organizations for socially vulnerable children, adolescents and adults. It is the organization’s 180 volunteers who ensure that the surplus food comes out. Many of them are active seniors who give their time to a good cause.

The Food Bank is a voluntary organization that receives surplus food from food producers, wholesalers and the supermarket chains’ central warehouses. Food that is not too old and absolutely nothing fails, but for some reason cannot be sold. This may, for example, be due to label defects, packaging defects or because of excessive production.

The Food Bank was founded as a voluntary organization in January 2008. The organization is thus the first initiative in the Nordic region, which systematically and in large scale addresses the food waste that is taking place in industry and the food poverty of socially exposed.

With the help of the Food Bank’s 180 volunteers as well as the organization’s refrigerated vans, the food is collected and distributed to hostels, women’s centers, shelters and other places where exposed people need the food. Once a week, they get a visit from the van from the Food Bank, filled with good surplus food. The food is free, but they pay for the delivery.

“The best job I’ve ever had is this job in the Food Bank. And I’m not lying! I help make a difference, it is meaningful, and everyone thinks it’s a good idea. And there are also many good companions out there, “says 79-year-old Ole, who has been volunteering in the Food Bank for four and a half years.

The volunteers in the Food Bank are, for example, students or people who have moved to Denmark and want to learn Danish. However, the clear majority of the Food Bank’s volunteers are seniors on early retirement or retirement – and many of these are men. It is atypical in relation to volunteering in the age group, as it is typically older women who become volunteers.

In addition to the good companionship, it has something to do with the type of work, many of the Food Bank’s volunteer seniors tell. The practical and logistical tasks are something that draws special attention to men.

“It appeals a lot to men-this is how to drive and carry goods. We therefore have an interest in both. In the Food Bank, we are part of a working community, like we have been in our former work life. In addition, we are well and have had a good life – and not everyone has that. We would like to pass it on to people who are struggling” says 64-year-old Birthe, volunteer in the Food Bank with her husband Hans Henrik.

The married couple Birthe and Hans Henrik are respectively on early retirement and retirement and have been volunteers in the Food Bank for one year.

“We have both had an active working life – and here the volunteer work in the Food Bank matches well when we are among happy people and experience something like retirees. We like it, “adds 65-year-old Hans Henrik.

You are also always welcome if you want to be volunteer in the Food Bank.

Anna Sophie Johansen, Communications and campaign employee Foedevarebanken