Friends of Cold Hawaii

Klitmøller / Oktober 1, 2017

Friends of Cold Hawaii

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The Friends of Cold Hawaii Association has the purpose of organizing annual recurring international events with surfing as the focal point. Secondly, the association is working to further develop the knowledge of Cold Hawaii and to strengthen Cold Hawaii’s importance to Thisted Municipality and North Jutland.

Friends of Cold Hawaii has since 2010 organized PWA Worlds Cups in wave performance, a special windsurfing discipline. Here attend 32 top wave performance surfers from the whole world.

During the annual World Cups there are approx. 150 volunteers from Klitmøller, among others. the local fisherman’s association and young people from all over the country to help with a variety of tasks.

In 2017 we held World Cup Stand Up Paddling and Paddleboard under the name of Copencold Hawaii. There were 286 participants from 42 countries, the largest ever for a SUP World Cup. The World Cup in SUP was in Vorupør. Here we had about 300 residents out of the approx. 600 permanent residents to help with bigger and smaller tasks. Without the many volunteers, an event like this could not have taken place.

Cold Hawaii is now so famous in the world that Rio, in the midst of the Olympics in August 2016, invited me to the city to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Rio Municipality and Cold Hawaii / Thisted Municipality with “Sustainable Surfing Tourism” as the theme.

About the work on the exposure of Cold Hawaii, it must be said that Cold Hawaii is not Klitmøller, but the whole of Thy’s North Sea coast, from the southern tip of Agger Tange to Hamburg (a small collection of houses northeast of Hanstholm) in the north. Klitmøller is often referred to as Cold Hawaii’s capital, and it is also here that there is most time in settlements from the whole country and the rest of the world, with a total of 18 nations represented in the city.

With regard to the settlement in Klitmøller – and gradually Vorupør – it is no longer just surfing that attracts, but also the creative, innovative environment that has been developed in the city.

Finn Jorsal, President Friends of Cold Hawaii