FrivillighedsAkademiet – The Volunteer Academy

Skjern / september 1, 2018

FrivillighedsAkademiet – The Volunteer Academy

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The Volunteer Academy is Denmark’s leading education for volunteers and volunteer coordinators. Our ambition is to educate and upgrade volunteer firebrands and coordinators who convey the Danish cultural and natural heritage.

The Volunteer Academy makes courses that support all the tasks and challenges volunteers and volunteer coordinators can experience at museums, archives, historic buildings, etc.

The Volunteer Academy offers ongoing seminars, courses and workshops with both broad or narrow subjects to volunteers, who for example want to learn more about dissemination to children, get bigger knowledge of a historical period or gaining new knowledge of historical crafts.

The Volunteer Academy also provides volunteers the chance to meet and exchange experiences with volunteers from other museums, etc.

But it’s not just the volunteers we work with and do courses for. Volunteers deserves skilled leaders who can lead and coordinate volunteer efforts. It can be difficult, and it is nothing everyone just can do! To lead and coordinate it requires consciousness about one’s professionalism. As a volunteer coordinator, you must be able to handle the volunteers’ resources strategically, so the cooperation makes sense for both volunteers and the museum. The Volunteer Academy therefore allows for new inputs for the role of volunteer coordinator. We make courses and seminars in, for example, dissemination, conflict management and historical crafts.

The Volunteer Academy is a project under the culture agreement for Central and Western Jutland and is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Central Denmark Region and the municipalities that are part of culture agreement for central and western Jutland.

Caroline Larsen FrivillighedsAkademiet