Frontløberne – The Frontrunners

Aarhus / april 1, 2018

Frontløberne – The Frontrunners

1129 1000 Civilian

Being a Frontrunner is like being an explorer. To be curious, full of hope and ready to go out to the open ocean and explore new cultural territories. To be creative, see opportunities everywhere and always keep an eye on new and other ways. To be courageous, go first, challenge the conventions and make the most of the desire to make a difference. Being visionary, one that expands our knowledge of the world and create change.

At the Frontrunners we burn to enrich young cultural creators, so they become even sharper to live their dreams. We know that many young people want to make a difference, but do not know where or how to start. It is our starting point to make the place where you can get started.

“WE DO IT!” Is our motto, which we seem to encapsulate the spirit of our house. Many Frontrunners have just done it through all the years. The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself. A rollercoaster ride into the unknown where it goes up and down in project development.

When we work with the culture of the youth, it is always difficult to answer the question “What are you doing really?”. Because if you want to care for the culture of the youth, it’s already disappeared like sand between your hands. Therefore, it is important that we always are in motion and ready to run in new directions. What we do today is an expression of the people who are in the house and the needs we meet with the youngsters today. Tomorrow we can put the style around and work in a completely different way.

Nevertheless, we can answer that we are working to support young people’s own cultural projects. We do this through our premises where we give the youngsters an environment to meet in, an office space if they need it and a lot of good advice in the luggage of some experienced project managers at the Frontrunners office. In addition, we are working on creating networks, doing educational courses and workshops, a major annual Frontrunners Project, such as Rethink Activism, and in addition, make a lot of small social events in Aarhus. And you are always welcome to come by and play with us!

Torben Winter, Manager Frontloberne

Torben Vinter, leder