Ebeltoft / november 2, 2017


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The Grobund association is currently setting up an ecosystem at Ebeltoft Ferry Port on Djursland. It must be a debt and waste-free living and entrepreneurial community. The ecosystem includes, among other things, housing, organic farming, high school, common house and a factory, which offers great opportunities for all types of companies wishing to work with a green change.

We reconsider the way people traditionally think of society and break the economically driven framework. With cheap off-grid houses, local production and cooperative economics, we will enable a debt-free life. We build houses with very low costs and work together to acquire land and factory buildings that allow for the establishment of food production and start-ups.

The vision is that Grobund becomes a green and environmentally friendly powerhouse for smaller local businesses, innovation and creative development. It is based on a comprehensive design, which ensures a high degree of local production of food, energy supply and cultural development. The association Grobund has pt. just over 200 paying members, and we are working to take over the land and factory in early 2018.

The upper part will be divided into smaller units and reflected in the landscape in a balance between construction and nature / recreation areas. To achieve this, construction of smaller and high-resilient homes is required that optimizes space, functions, and furthermore uses materials that have minimal or no environmental impact.

The agricultural component will be laid out in a design optimized for low maintenance and chemical-free production, for example. ecology and permaculture.

There is an opportunity to utilize the coastal location for the development of commercial fishing, breeding, as well as processing fish, seafood and seaweed.

Production will unfold in the nearby factory buildings, where it is possible to operate independently sustainable business. The factory will also form the framework of art and culture production, and there will be office facilities for several smaller companies.

Grobund’s initiator is Steen Møller, who is also co-founder of Friland in Feldballe, Djursland. The project is run by fire enthusiasts who wants to realize the vision for Grobund. We are organizing ourselves in different working groups and working on a vision of inclusion and openness in our work and decision-making processes. In Grobund we appreciate people’s diversity, and the goal is a high diversity in terms of cultural background, age distribution, religious and political conviction, etc. for those people who settle and / or start work in Grobund.

If you are interested in becoming a part of Grobund, you will find more information on our website.

Fie Karlsen Grobund.