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My heart is burning for the children in Kenya’s poor Bondo province, where I am sponsor for two children, wh0 I visit each year. Visits in Bondo have clarified that extreme poverty often correlates with oppression of children’s fundamental rights and lack of schooling. And in a culture of traditions where girls do not get the same opportunities as their brothers, they are the most vulnerable. Poverty forces too many from the school bench into compulsive marriages with hard work and frequent childbirths while the girls themselves are children. That’s why I’m sponsoring school projects for vulnerable girls in the 7th year. The goal is to give the girls the same opportunities as their brothers to get an education and thus create a life where they can support themselves and their daughters and sons can grow up on equal terms. Knowledge and enlightenment are essential in the efforts of the girls. Only when the boys understand that their own living conditions are improved through the equality of girls and boys, we can create change for some of the world’s vulnerable children. Since 2011 I have collected more than 300,000 DKK. It has given the children of ten schools access to latrines and water as well as knowledge about hygiene that can prevent life-threatening infectious diseases. The money comes via donations to the voluntary association, HIPPO RUN, which I have founded and arranges fun races including: two annual family runs around Skt. Jørgens Sø in Copenhagen with support from local shops in the area, donating gift vouchers for lottery among the participants.

HIPPO RUN is a voluntary association whose purpose is to develop and support projects for vulnerable girls in Kenya. Projects that strengthen the girls in fulfilling their rights and opportunities for schooling and self-care on the same terms as their brothers.

HIPPO RUN collaborates with Plan Denmark and Plan Kenya on school projects in Kenya’s poor Bondo province. The fundraising in the association through membership quotas, sponsorship and activities go to projects at selected schools, facilitated by Plan Denmark and Plan Kenya. The articles of association can be found on the website, where you can also read more about HIPPO RUN’s projects, see small videos and photos and find press coverage. HIPPO RUN can also be followed on the Facebook hippo run.

We run so girls in Kenya can go to school. Would you like to arrange a race or similar, where the profit goes to HIPPO RUN, please feel free to contact me.

Lene Rohde, founder Hipporun