Hørning Madklub – Hørning Food Club

Aarhus / september 1, 2018

Hørning Madklub – Hørning Food Club

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Autumn 2016, when “the cash aid ceiling” was introduced, proved to be the case for two firebrands in Hørning. We had our daily lives among refugees, and we noted with increasing urgency how confused and uncertain they were when the speech fell on their finances. During autumn, things became worse and worse; Parents told they could no longer afford lunch packages for the children, and children asked for work for their parents.

At the same time, we were aware of the huge food waste going on in our society. None of us are in a position where we can revolutionize society, but we can do something where we are, in the local area, and we decided to collect food from the supermarkets and handed it out to the people we knew needed it, and on January 16, 2017, the association Hørning Food Club became a reality.

Our purpose is:

  • To provide economically exposed citizens in Hørning, Skanderborg municipality, the opportunity for free food and rewarding, committed community once a week.
  • To create commitment and community among the participants.
  • To minimize food waste.

Organization of the work

Three team ‘food collectors’ collect fooe from the local shops as the local grosery, baker and Urtelauget, Hørnings organic grocery store, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Every other Wednesday afternoon we just divide the food; We meet, and the members can fill up a bag.

Every other Wednesday we gather a trailer full of food and carry it into the local school kitchen – we sort the foods, and those who want to cook, take the vegetable and get started. At 17 o’clock, all dishes are ready, and we share a festive meal with roots in many different food traditions: Iranian, Somali, Iraqi, Kurdish, Danish, Ukrainian, … depending on who has had the time and desire to be there that day.

We help each other with cleaning up and the dishes, and finally those who want to bring food home can take the surplus food: Everyone has got a (organic, fairtrade) bag that they fill for DDK 20. If there is more food left it is for free.


The team consists of a total of four volunteers. They get a little gasoline or a free bag of food for the inconvenience.

In the kitchen, we are always two volunteers who sort vegetables, answer questions, welcome new people and help them get started, keep an overview and make sure everything is fine before leaving the room. The kitchen is about to ‘add up’ on the volunteer side and welcome new forces!


During the start-up period, we have received support from both public and private organizations, but with the current ‘earnings’ of DKK 20 per member we can (almost) finance both gasoline and the purchase of rice, spices, onion and olive oil etc.

Community across

Of course, we are delighted with the opportunity to get cheap food; but even bigger we experience the joy of the community that has arisen; a community of people shaped by many different cultures and traditions. A community that is always open to new members!

Jette Boye Petersen, Coordinator of Hørning Food Club