Roskilde / august 15, 2018


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The connecting community

The basic idea of ​​INSP is to create a place that offers the undefinable “to belong to” and through space and hosting to organize the unorganized as a new form of fifth actor in the community.

The idea is that “the empty space” makes it possible to create new meetings between people who create new connections and therefore new opportunities for citizens, culture and society, education, companies and municipalities.

The living and diverse living environment you can experience at INSP in Roskilde today does not tell yourself that it’s a community but about creating yourself together. People create the place and the place replaces the need to base on a common purpose or belong to a target audience.

In practice, INSP plays with the idea that sites can be used as analog social media or platforms that can unite otherwise and connect with resources that we do not normally have access to, in a very simple way, and precisely therefore can catalyze change and development. We create the opportunity to meet and develop in the way we are together.

The venue offers something general human as we may, without knowing it, be missing. To be together without having or wanting something with each other. Just being together makes sense, it does not have a purpose. It’s a nice place to be, homey and heartwarming. A room free of expectation, as the young people call it.

Simply, but it creates a new prerequisite that opens up opportunities that we otherwise do not have and will be amplified over time as more and more people check in and out of space, greet each other, talk together, get to know each other, discover something new in yourself and in the mix of activities that develop when we have just defined goals and expectations.

It becomes possible to exceed the separations we live in and give us access to what we did not know, and we could combine or exchange resources in new ways. We discover over time that we solve problems by dissolving them. We change their prerequisite; that we are no longer separate but connected.

Anni Ehlers, co-founder and CEO at INSP