Firebrands from around the world.

501 501 Civilian

Ecovillage Madagascar

I started Ecovillage Madagascar in 2013 after I finished my PDC in South Africa. At that time my slogan was “think big, start small and upscale fast“. But with time, I understood that it was not that easy, not even starting small. My main motivation when I started the ecovillage idea was to help rural…

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2037 2037 Civilian


NASHIRA WHERE WOMEN RULE On a 3-hectare site in Colombia, 88 women victims of the Colombian conflict have developed a sustainable community for the last fifteen years. Wall panels were made from recycled debris from construction works. The women built the houses with their own hands but did not pay any money in mortgage or…

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639 639 Civilian

Eco Caminhos

My name is Bart Bijen (Dutch) and since 2003 I have been working abroad as I felt I was not made for the standard 9 – 5 pm job lifestyle in the Netherlands. I felt the need for adventure and doing good in the world. I started off volunteering in several countries and discovered I…

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3167 3167 Civilian

Hua Dao ecovillage

Hua Dao is a two-year-old ecovillage located in Chongzhou, Chengdu, China. It was in Dec 2013, at a conference about private enterprises’ cultural heritage and social responsibility, several entrepreneurs proposed the initial idea of Hua Dao. They saw the systematic conflicts in human relationships with nature, other people and oneself. Recognizing the societal and development…

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3452 3451 Civilian

Siddharth ecovillage

Beyond the clutter and cloud of ambiguity, compromised and exploited environment, complex and coaxed mainstream life, this living arrangement characterized as ‘eco-village’ is to experiment and find a way of life that so many of us are seeking. Many of us have now realized that it is not sustainable to go on with this consumption…

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2592 2592 Civilian

St. Michael’s Sustainable Community

Our family owned community is a functioning model community to prove that living sustainably is achievable and can be accomplished with less money while proving greater benefits.  All our homesites are beyond organic and regenerative in nature.  Every property is planted with a polyculture of edible landscaping, utility plants, and medicinal plants. Our intentional community…

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740 740 Civilian

Upcycle Mind

Why did I start this lifestyle? Honestly, the beginning of my life Zero Waste was an act of pure curiosity. I wanted to know if I could really change my own habits and reconfigure my head to be more aware of what I was consuming. All my life, and especially in the last five years,…

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2951 2951 Civilian

ReDI School

Teaching tech skills to connect human potential “We want to show the people coming here, that ReDI School works!” – these words are from our winning group of students in a hackathon for BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe). They came by for a team meeting in the Berlin office to tell us about their winning idea and…

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554 554 Civilian

Donatien bicycles

Burkina-Faso is not only known for being “the country of honest men” but also the country of people on bicycles. Every year it hosts the “Tour du Faso”, one of the most famous bike competitions in Africa, and the capital city Ouagadougou has the reputation of being a two-wheeler’s paradise where bicycles and motorbikes reign…

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750 750 Civilian

Dignity Village

We came out of the doorways of Portland’s streets, out from under the bridges, from under the bushes of public parks, we came openly with nothing and no longer a need to hide as Portland’s inhumane and Draconian camping ban had just been overturned on two constitutional grounds. We came armed with a vision of…

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213 213 Civilian

Fanning the flames of firebrands

We have seen a lot in the media lately about mismanagement and crisis of confidence in large NGOs across the world.  This has been particularly highlighted in the humanitarian aid and ‘development’ sectors in the kinds of organisations that are often at the forefront of public awareness, including that of policymakers, as regards their role…

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3599 3094 Civilian

Hørning Madklub – Hørning Food Club

Autumn 2016, when “the cash aid ceiling” was introduced, proved to be the case for two firebrands in Hørning. We had our daily lives among refugees, and we noted with increasing urgency how confused and uncertain they were when the speech fell on their finances. During autumn, things became worse and worse; Parents told they…

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965 964 Civilian

Social Sundhed – Social Health

Everyone is entitled to equal treatment in our common healthcare system. In Social Health – bridge workers in the health service, we are working to increase social equality in health. We do this with two perspectives in mind. In the short term, we daily support people who, in their own way, find it difficult to…

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1718 1365 Civilian

Danmarks Veganske Forening – Danish Vegan Society

If you could save the environment and 150 billion animals annually, would you not do it? What do we want? In our association we are working on creating a world with greater respect for environment, animals and people with more understanding of how we can each can make a big difference without necessarily make our…

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1037 854 Civilian

The community Tranehøj

Tranehøj – more than a community In a contemporary collective in West Zealand, residents try to create a good and more sustainable life and try to make efforts for the outside world. As the collective movement broke through 50 years ago, it was in the youth revolt’s protest consumption and capitalism, authorities and core families.…

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959 837 Civilian

Fejø Permaculture and Conversion Initiatives.

It is rewarding to be part of a community where one basically agrees with several reasons – for example, we have a climate crisis and that everyone must take care of what they can wherever they can. Back in 2008, we were 3 households who founded the association from the insight that ecology alone does…

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606 404 Civilian

Bofællesskabet Torpegård – The community Torpegaard

On the outskirts of the village Diernæs near Faaborg we are a group of people who have bought an organic property of 7.7 ha. in the spring 2017. Now in 2018, the first 7 plots can be built. On the last construction site, another 5 plots can be built as soon as there are more…

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240 320 Civilian

Økosamfundet Dyssekilde – the eco-community Dyssekilde

In 1983, there were people with Martinus philosophy who wanted to make a place called: Vegetarian 90. This project attracted people who had had enough of the big city and wanted to build ecologically and with shared activities and in 1990 the potato field was named Økologisk Landsbysamfund. We were inspired by Christiania, Svanholm and…

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442 398 Civilian

Børnefestival i Ørum – Children’s Festival in Ørum

The idea of ​​a children’s festival started 6 years ago, we were a small group of 8 firebrands who together tried to get an idea that could make our area more vibrant and visible. We agreed that it would be a day for children and thus we started the Children’s Festival in Ørum. Saturday, June…

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3262 1460 Civilian

Fjellerups Seje Sild – Fjellerup “Loud Ladies”

Fjellerups Seje Sild started in April 2013 when a small handful of firebrands began to knit “FJELLERUPHAV”, which was a knitted/crocheted exhibition of the wildlife in Kattegat near the coast of Fjellerup. The result was with great success exhibited at Fjellerup Strand in summer 2013, later it has been exhibited at the Kattegatcenter and at…

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1446 1179 Civilian

Ørsted Kro – Ørsted inn

Ørsted Kro is today a popular inn, owned by 580 shareholders. The commercial part has been leased and the lessor operates a business with parties and some fixed opening days. In addition, the place is run as Culture House, where the association Friends of Ørsted Kro makes for all activities – and all the practical…

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720 586 Civilian


‘Grenaa FEST IN VAND’ is a family festival at Grenaa harbor. ‘Grenaa FEST IN VAND’ was held for the first time on June 10, 2017. Many people from the port associations, companies as well as Djurs Musik & Eventforening and Grenaa Marineforening arranged a comprehensive program with lots of activities, music, circus, flea market, exciting…

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225 231 Civilian

ILDSJÆL – Firebrand

“Ildsjæl (firebrand) is written on countless meetings with firebrands around the country! A humble tribute to all those who make good things happen wherever we are! “   SMUK SOM DU ER NÅR DU BRÆNDER FOR NOGET LIGE NÅR ØJET FÅR DET SKÆR DER IKKE KAN SIGES NOGET IMOD   SMUK SOM DU ER NÅR…

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356 368 Civilian

Firebrand till I die

“Denmark collapses in a week if the volunteers go home,” one of the participants said recently during a conversation dinner in the grocery store Brugsen. I had the idea of ​​moving the high school into the village and developing a concept for volunteer conversations. It should take place at a dinner in Brugsen in Denmark.…

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4474 3210 Civilian

Pan-Africa Festival

Pan-African Festival Denmark is celebrating the community across and being there for each other. The community across! For the people behind PANAFEST is the most important community. That PANAFEST helps build a bridge at a time when there are too many ditches dug. The Pan-African Festival is our contribution to cultural life and integration in…

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1726 1365 Civilian

Women of the World

Women of the World in Denmark is a association of women who has primarily come to Denmark through marriage with a Danish man. Our integration is a loving and daily process. We are marriage migrants. We have found our own way of being both Danish and an ethnic minority, without feeling divided. Our purpose is…

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1413 1197 Civilian

Mino Denmark

Mino Denmark is working for a community of committed and equal minority citizens who take part of the Danish society on an equal base with majority citizens about a value-based trust based on respect and trust. The organization collects knowledge, supports networks and through our many different projects, strengthening the position of ethnic minorities in…

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2432 1951 Civilian

Muslims for peace

On September 11, 2001, the horrendous attack on the day is considered by many to be the beginning of a new focus on Muslims, Islam and the relationship between the so-called Western and so-called Muslim world. Such actions by people in the name of Islam (thou it is a minority), combined with an increased political…

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772 713 Civilian

Café MellemFolk – Café BetweenPeople

In the spring of 2018, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke Aarhus opened their very own nonprofit, global, sustainable café at Vestergade 69 in Aarhus: Café MellemFolk. A café created by young firebrands with the desire for more compassion and less inequality. Several years ago, the desire arose and now the idea is realized. It is the idea of…

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1129 1000 Civilian

Frontløberne – The Frontrunners

Being a Frontrunner is like being an explorer. To be curious, full of hope and ready to go out to the open ocean and explore new cultural territories. To be creative, see opportunities everywhere and always keep an eye on new and other ways. To be courageous, go first, challenge the conventions and make the…

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1232 1104 Civilian

Ungdommens Folkemøde – Youth People Meeting

Ungdommens Folkemøde brings together the Danish youth between 15-25 years for an open festival about democracy where young people can dream, interfere in the debate, be inspired and tell what the youth can and wants. From 6th to 8th. September 2018 in Valbypark, there was about 35,000 young participants. Dreams, frustrations, attitudes, ideas Danish youth…

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662 570 Civilian


In Yallah!dk we work with storytelling that undermine prejudices. We are a group of young Danish-Palestinians who go out and tell our own personal story. We tell you how it is for us to live in Denmark, and we are talking about Palestine’s special importance to us. We are young people with Palestinian background raised…

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2400 2243 Civilian

UngEnergi – YoungEnergy

UngEnergi is a network of young people working to gather an entire generation to stop climate change and work together for a sustainable world. UngEnergi started in 2012 when a group of young firebrands from SustainableEnergy participated at a trade fair at a high school. There they were met by an abundance of young people…

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712 626 Civilian


RAPOLITICS is a nonprofit organization based in Denmark. The organization works to promote the opportunities for young people through creative and constructive focus on urban artistic forms of expression, raptivism (rap + activism), dialogue and democratic awareness within and outside Denmark. Hip-hop has an enormous cultural power and has been used as an expression of…

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284 287 Civilian

Firebrands give me hope

As a politician in Denmark, people sometimes ask me where I get my hope and my optimism. “Uffe, does not everything sometimes feel completely hopeless?” They ask. And then, sometimes I can sit and think: With the rising inequality, with the growing climate crisis and with the opinion and community bankruptcy we are facing today…

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1547 1404 Civilian

FødevareBanken – The Food Bank

The Food Bank distributes surplus food from the food industry to organizations for socially vulnerable children, adolescents and adults. It is the organization’s 180 volunteers who ensure that the surplus food comes out. Many of them are active seniors who give their time to a good cause. The Food Bank is a voluntary organization that…

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206 206 Civilian


My heart is burning for the children in Kenya’s poor Bondo province, where I am sponsor for two children, wh0 I visit each year. Visits in Bondo have clarified that extreme poverty often correlates with oppression of children’s fundamental rights and lack of schooling. And in a culture of traditions where girls do not get…

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845 845 Civilian

Support firebrands – their efforts make wonders.

Firebrands make the world a better place, and they do it for the local area and the sake of the community. Firebrands are social entrepreneurs and the dynamics of development – in the city, at the countryside and where the public cannot or will not participate. But the firebrands cannot do anything themselves. If their…

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476 601 Civilian

Byorganisk – OrganicCity

The purpose of Byorganisk is to restore nutrients and create soil improvement that promotes healthy and vital soil. The basic idea is that healthy soil creates healthy plants for animals and humans. Offside has been serving a cafe for 25 years, selling organic food made from vegetables from own horticulture. From the start it has…

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543 543 Civilian

Blaffernationen – The hitchhiker movement

The Blaffernation is a nation movement, a collective action and social economy enterprise that extends and supports hitchhiking and more spontaneous carpooling. The Blaffernation has 3 purposes. The first is to create trust between strangers by getting strangers to meet each other. In the cars you will meet the garbage collector, the nurse, the director…

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600 600 Civilian

Projekt UDENFOR – Project Outside

Project UDENFOR works every day year-round to create better conditions for Denmark’s most vulnerable citizens. We do this through the dissemination of knowledge and street planning, because we believe that the fight against homelessness begins best where the homeless people are – on the street. In addition to food, clothes and sleeping bags, we provide…

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668 568 Civilian

The Danish Vegetarian Association

The Danish Vegetarian Association (DVF) is an association that works to spread vegetarian life and inform about the benefits of cutting down animal products – both for animals and people and for global sustainability. DVF is an association for vegetarians, vegans and anyone else who supports plant-based livelihoods and is a non-profit organization based primarily…

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1559 1342 Civilian

Gode Penge – Movement for Monetary Reform

Gode Penge is a volunteer-driven association that works to change the banking and monetary system so that it works for society. Today, electronic money is created when banks lend money. It leads to bubbles, collapse and crises. Therefore, we will democratize the banking and monetary system for the benefit of citizens, businesses and the state.…

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1932 1815 Civilian

Stop Spild Af Mad – Stop Wasting Food Movement Denmark

This year, Denmark’s largest movement against Wasting Food celebrates in 2018 10 years anniversary. Throughout the last 10 years, the organization has both initiated, implemented and contributed to over 200 local, national and international projects, events, campaigns, surplus collections, analyzes, debates and many other activities in the fight against food waste across the entire value…

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372 362 Civilian

BIEN – Basic Income Earth Network Denmark

BIEN Denmark (abbreviation of the Basic Income Earth Network) – the citizenship movement in Denmark is a grassroots movement that aims to introduce unconditional basic income (UBI) in Denmark. The grassroots movement originated in 1978 with the Danish book ” Oprør fra Midten”, which describes a vision of a humanist society in equilibrium. The authors…

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2095 2041 Civilian

Kræftforeningen Tidslerne – The Cancer Association Thistles

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with cancer. Family, friends, acquaintances, too many are affected by this disease, and regardless of the type of cancer we are talking about, it is difficult to relate to the moment the diagnosis is found. A lot of questions appear and where can you get the answer all…

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800 800 Civilian

Firebrand – the modern activist

Civil engagement has many different expressions. Traditionally, it has been that the citizens enter an association and through this affiliation are active in various forms of voluntary work. You are a coach of a sports club, you are a member of the board of a cultural association, you are supportive of the elderly or sick…

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1209 1079 Civilian

Rethink Human Being

Rethink Human Being is a non-profit organization started and driven by dedicated people. Common to the many projects we run is the concept of viability. The term differs from one concept of sustainability based on the individual’s inner motivation. While Sustainability is about the social and economic systems, viability is about consciousness and being in…

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3017 3018 Civilian


ANTV – Anerkendende tv (Appreciative TV) is working with visual and social reality touch. Quality of life and creativity. Flexibility and versatility. Inspiring and challenging. Acceptance, presence, trust and visuality. Colorful in depth. Social spaciousness. A bumblebee in the media circus. ANTV is a social economy company that deals with television and video within the…

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813 611 Civilian

Aarhus’ Økologiske Fødevarefællesskab – Aarhus Organic Food Community

An association driven by firebrands and their joy in ecology Aarhus’ Organic Food Community is an association that supplies members with locally produced, organic fruit of high quality at a cheap price. The association is run by voluntary forces that burn for ecology. You will find us at Godsbanen, Aarhus together with a number of…

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404 404 Civilian

The story of an ecological firebrand.

It started in my home. I was born in 1934. My parents met by playing four-leaf piano and I already got a violin at the age of 7 – the music and the word has meant a lot in the life that I still live. What are the consequences of the words we say –…

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638 481 Civilian


BISTAD produces honey and other beekeeping-related products in East Jutland in an interaction between vulnerable citizens, volunteers and employees. Our work is about the bees and the honey they give us. Our everyday life is about creating a spacious community where everyone can contribute. In BISTAD we are very aware of how we can create a working community…

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701 640 Civilian

Skraldecaféen – The Wastecafé

The Wastecafé has started as a mobile pop-up kitchen, built from recycled materials. It is a community-driven social economy experience kitchen. It was first seen in Mølleparken in Aarhus in July 2015, and since then it has become more than 100 events, not only in Aarhus, but also in Roskilde, Ebeltoft, Aalborg, Randers and Silkeborg.…

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1800 1365 Civilian

Samsø Råvarefestival – The Samsoe Commodity Festival

The Samsoe Commodity Festival is run by the volunteer association of the same name. The festival depends entirely on the efforts of volunteers, and thus owes its existence to the local community’s enthusiasm for and connection to the event. And the excitement is great 🙂 In addition the voluntary board meets about 12-14 times a…

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1544 1150 Civilian

Økologisk Samsø – Organic Samsoe

A future-proof and community-funded farming on Samsoe. A small group of citizens at Samsoe founded in April 2013 the association Økologisk Samsø, which now has almost 300 paying members. The purpose is to communicate ecology and sustainability, as well as to closely link farmers and consumers. We have an active association with many volunteers, and…

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940 731 Civilian

Samsoe Festival

Samsoe Festival Association stands behind the annual Samsoe Festival – Denmark’s most enjoyable festival – held every year in week 29 since 1990. In 1989, an initiative group invited all associations on Samsoe to a meeting at Brundby Hotel to create interest in starting a festival. To develop the culture and bring people to the…

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150 150 Civilian

An island full of firebrands!

Samsoe is an island full of firebrands !? or what? Is it true too or is it a metaphor for a lot are happening and a lot of people involved? I think so, and I mean to know that there are a lot of people on Samsoe who, when they get home from work, enjoy…

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1843 1536 Civilian

Samsoe Energy Academy

Samsoe Energy Academy is a house where people meet a sustainable future. Samsoe Energy Academy is located north of Ballen Harbor on Samsoe. The academy is a meeting house where the island’s many associations hold meetings and gatherings. All employees at the Energy Academy live on Samsoe. They have different competencies in sustainable development based…

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2444 1933 Civilian

Yduns Have – Ydun’s Garden

At Alstrup on Samsoe, close to Stavns Fjord, organic fruit and vegetables are grown at Yduns Have. We are Hester Callaghan and Bjarke Jensen, a young couple of educated ecologists who took over the fund owned farm in 2018. Yduns Have is the first farm bought by the Jordbrugsfonden Økologisk Samsø in 2016. The purpose…

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960 720 Civilian

Mols i Udvikling – Mols in Development

In a few years, Mols has reversed the trend of falling number of children and the relocation away from the villages, to today being an area of ​​rapid development with many followers, a burgeoning creative and innovative environment and a strong local community across the many villages of the area. The explanation for this significant…

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734 588 Civilian

Den ny Maltfabrik – The New Malt Factory

In the heart of Ebeltoft is an old red-scale malt factory thrown with combs, chimneys and lots of soul. In the era of industrialization, S. B. Lundbergs Malt Factory from 1861 was locally an economic and social focal point with the production of malt to the rest of Denmark and the Far East, and the…

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427 349 Civilian


Friland was created as an attempt to get away from debt slavery, the subsidy jungle and waste streams. A new self-built village, where home workplaces and establishment of businesses will ensure life in the village daily. Dissemination of the many aspects of the free life has had priority from the start through cooperation with Danish…

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1167 936 Civilian


The Grobund association is currently setting up an ecosystem at Ebeltoft Ferry Port on Djursland. It must be a debt and waste-free living and entrepreneurial community. The ecosystem includes, among other things, housing, organic farming, high school, common house and a factory, which offers great opportunities for all types of companies wishing to work with…

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3085 2337 Civilian

Byparken i Ugelbølle – The city park in Ugelbølle

We are lucky! All the citizens of the village have more than 24,000 m2 of city park in the heart of Ugelbølle. It’s an unusual gift, a great joy and a huge challenge! Syddjurs Kommune owns the large area of ​​approximately 14,000 m2. Friskolen owns the remaining part at approx. 10,000 m2. Syddjurs Municipality has…

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494 361 Civilian

Havhaven Ebeltoft Vig – The Seaside garden in Ebeltoft

Denmark’s first seaside garden was built in Ebeltoft, and it has led to several harbors around the country and so far, two new local companies working with seaweed products. The harbor is in the municipality of Syddjurs, which is enriched by an approx. 140 km long coastline and a well-preserved coastal culture. The last autumn…

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228 228 Civilian

Firebrand in sustainable living

For many years I have been trying to create a new foundation and goal for life. Based on experience with poor economy and consequent physical and mental pressure, I decided to be debt free. I want to recapture time and space, that I can stand on my own feet and resources so that I do…

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845 1025 Civilian

Student & Innovation House

In 2013, a small group of students at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) had a dream of creating a place where we could meet across educational institutions. Student & Innovation House is the result of this dream. A place where we students can apply our theoretical knowledge in practice, work in innovative communities and take active…

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1391 1007 Civilian


E-sport is the fastest growing sport in Denmark in recent years. I contacted our local football club to hear if they wanted e-sports as an activity in the association. Your answer was “yes”, but they did not have the necessary resources. So, they asked if I would be the prime engine on the project. As…

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850 565 Civilian

Ryslinge Sculpture Park

Ryslinge Sculpture Park was opened in 1995, where a group of firebrands from Ryslinge realized the idea of ​​a nature and art park, which would be for the benefit of the citizens and visitors. The park is in a flat valley. When the ice melted after the last ice age for about 10,000 years ago,…

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969 807 Civilian

Friends of Cold Hawaii

The Friends of Cold Hawaii Association has the purpose of organizing annual recurring international events with surfing as the focal point. Secondly, the association is working to further develop the knowledge of Cold Hawaii and to strengthen Cold Hawaii’s importance to Thisted Municipality and North Jutland. Friends of Cold Hawaii has since 2010 organized PWA…

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2000 1500 Civilian

Forundringens have – The Garden of Wonder

Our model in The Garden of Wonder is the unspoilt nature with a variety of plants, microorganisms and useful insects. The garden of Wonder that is cultivated biodynamically is quite certainly not untouched nature, but even though our vegetables are processed crops, their basic requirements are the same as their wild relatives: they thrive best…

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1315 622 Civilian

Fællesgartneriet – The Common horticulture

The purpose of The Common horticulture was to utilize an existing resource – a closed horticulture with plenty of opportunities to grow large amounts of food. We want to show how, with very few means and materials, we can create life and activities that bring together people in the city and give them quality of life.…

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2052 2371 Civilian

Firebrands and volunteerism

People who participate in social activities such as firebrand projects and voluntary activities, develops what is called social capital. A civil society with high social capital creates stability, happiness, welfare and prosperity. While the market is based on rationality and economy and the state on laws and regulations, civil society is based on gifts. In…

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