Firebrands from around the world.

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Ecovillage Madagascar

I started Ecovillage Madagascar in 2013 after I finished my PDC in South Africa. At that time my slogan was “think big, start small and upscale fast“. But with time, I understood that it was not that easy, not even starting small. My main motivation when I started the ecovillage idea was to help rural…

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NASHIRA WHERE WOMEN RULE On a 3-hectare site in Colombia, 88 women victims of the Colombian conflict have developed a sustainable community for the last fifteen years. Wall panels were made from recycled debris from construction works. The women built the houses with their own hands but did not pay any money in mortgage or…

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Eco Caminhos

My name is Bart Bijen (Dutch) and since 2003 I have been working abroad as I felt I was not made for the standard 9 – 5 pm job lifestyle in the Netherlands. I felt the need for adventure and doing good in the world. I started off volunteering in several countries and discovered I…

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Hua Dao ecovillage

Hua Dao is a two-year-old ecovillage located in Chongzhou, Chengdu, China. It was in Dec 2013, at a conference about private enterprises’ cultural heritage and social responsibility, several entrepreneurs proposed the initial idea of Hua Dao. They saw the systematic conflicts in human relationships with nature, other people and oneself. Recognizing the societal and development…

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Siddharth ecovillage

Beyond the clutter and cloud of ambiguity, compromised and exploited environment, complex and coaxed mainstream life, this living arrangement characterized as ‘eco-village’ is to experiment and find a way of life that so many of us are seeking. Many of us have now realized that it is not sustainable to go on with this consumption…

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St. Michael’s Sustainable Community

Our family owned community is a functioning model community to prove that living sustainably is achievable and can be accomplished with less money while proving greater benefits.  All our homesites are beyond organic and regenerative in nature.  Every property is planted with a polyculture of edible landscaping, utility plants, and medicinal plants. Our intentional community…

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Upcycle Mind

Why did I start this lifestyle? Honestly, the beginning of my life Zero Waste was an act of pure curiosity. I wanted to know if I could really change my own habits and reconfigure my head to be more aware of what I was consuming. All my life, and especially in the last five years,…

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ReDI School

Teaching tech skills to connect human potential “We want to show the people coming here, that ReDI School works!” – these words are from our winning group of students in a hackathon for BVG (Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe). They came by for a team meeting in the Berlin office to tell us about their winning idea and…

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Donatien bicycles

Burkina-Faso is not only known for being “the country of honest men” but also the country of people on bicycles. Every year it hosts the “Tour du Faso”, one of the most famous bike competitions in Africa, and the capital city Ouagadougou has the reputation of being a two-wheeler’s paradise where bicycles and motorbikes reign…

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Dignity Village

We came out of the doorways of Portland’s streets, out from under the bridges, from under the bushes of public parks, we came openly with nothing and no longer a need to hide as Portland’s inhumane and Draconian camping ban had just been overturned on two constitutional grounds. We came armed with a vision of…

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Hørning Madklub – Hørning Food Club

Autumn 2016, when “the cash aid ceiling” was introduced, proved to be the case for two firebrands in Hørning. We had our daily lives among refugees, and we noted with increasing urgency how confused and uncertain they were when the speech fell on their finances. During autumn, things became worse and worse; Parents told they…

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