Lolland-Falster Lovestorm

Lolland / august 15, 2018

Lolland-Falster Lovestorm

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Lolland-Falster Lovestorm: Pride and love from Lolland-Falster

In April 2015, TV2 began to broadcast trailers for the TV series ‘’På røven i Nakskov’ and again, the Lolland-Falster region could see that the prejudices about the area would be stuck with seven-inch stitch over the next six weeks nationwide TV.

But the local women’s network QLF, who stands for Quality Lolland-Falster, got an idea. They wanted to tell another story from Lolland Falster and they would not make a shitstorm, but instead convey the message of love to the area. They decided to create a Facebook group called “Lolland Falster Lovestorm” and in this group share the positive stories from the Danish South Sea Isles with the hash tag #lollandfalsterlovestorm. Thousands of people liked that idea. The group grew to over 20,000 people in four days and quickly became known in the national media. In 11 days, more than 3000 entries were made in the group, and suddenly thousands of voices were gathered to one – with the clear message that Lolland-Falster contains a wealth of good stories and a lot of ambassadors who want to share stories with joy and pride and information about Lolland-Falster with the rest of the world.

The group made a logo that depicts Lolland-Falster depicted as red hearts. A symbol that everyone has taken on and is printed on banners, stickers and badges. The movement has continued the activity of the Facebook Group and is now run by the association Together about Lolland-Falster, who holds a celebration anniversary annually and furthermore works to operate and further develop the initiative.

The Facebook group currently has more than 26,000 members. Every month there are 500-600 posts, and every day there are views of 9,000-12,000 people. There is about 600,000 views in the group per. month. At Instagram, the Lolland-Falster Lovestorm profile has 1200 followers.

The Board makes presentations about the initiative both on and outside Lolland-Falster. Internationally, the movement has attracted attention, including in the USA, Germany and Finland. Like journalist Lise Ravnkilde has written the book ‘Lovestormen fra Lolland-Falster’

Many inhabitants of Lolland-Falster confirm that the Lolland Falster Lovestorm has had great importance for local self-understanding. They have regained pride and are no longer reluctant to tell where they come from. Instead, attention has been paid to the strengths, resources and opportunities of the area, and of course this also affects the outside world’s interest in Lolland-Falster.

Kirsten Sydendal, Chairman Lolland-Falster Lovestorm