Memory Lane Rockmuseum

Knebel / september 1, 2018

Memory Lane Rockmuseum

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Memory Lane Rockmuseum is Denmark’s first rock, pop and youth museum focusing on music through 60 years, from 1954 to today. The museum opened on October 1, 2014 at FUGLSØCENTRET near Ebeltoft. The owner of the museum is Poul Nowack from Grenaa, and the story of this firebrand project, without any kind of private or public support, can be read here.


Poul Nowack was born and raised in Herning, where he became a blacksmith and was an avid musician in ‘The Candy Men’ (1964-69).

Later, Poul Nowack became an educated teacher in history and social studies from Ribe State Seminar. He subsequently moved to Djursland and was employed at the newly started Grenaa Technical School, first as a teacher and later as development consultant and department manager responsible for projects and adult courses.

The music

The music interest was maintained with participation in various bands at Djursland and the “collection” of music from the 50s to the present.

The ‘collectorship’ led to lending and for the participation of various exhibitions, for example. ”Beatles Forever ‘at Koldinghus,’ The lovely youth year ‘at Old Estrup (now the green museum),’ We the young ‘at the museums in Grenaa and Randers et al. The well-known music journalist, Jørgen de Mylius, once visited one of these exhibits, and invited Poul Nowack to make his own rock / pop museum.

The rock museum opens

Poul Nowack had long been dreaming of making his own rock museum, and with Jørgen de Mylius’s call and promise of donations to the museum by Jørgen de Mylius and many well-known musicians, work was started on collecting multiple items, registrations, text writing, interior design etc. The museum currently has over 520 m2 and is divided into decades, supplemented by topics such as Melodi Grand Prix, Love and Sex Life, as well as changing special exhibitions, such as ‘Cliff and The Shadows’, ‘The Savage Rose Through 50 Years’ and ‘From the World of the Film’ in 2018. The museum contains things and cases about The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jørgen de Mylius, Elvis, Abba, Queen, Sweet, Michael Jackson, Hitmakers, Gasolin, Walkers, Tøsedrengene, Aqua, EyeQ and ‘All Others’ from home and abroad, as well as clothes, film and concert posters, plates, books, pop magazines, music equipment, things from the teen rooms, etc. There is also a large special department with great old radios, tape recorders, gramophone and TV sets, loaned by Per Rasmus Møller.

Poul Nowack is also the author of some articles and books, including the book ‘when Rock came to Djursland ‘. He has also created and operated some music clubs on facebook, including ‘Fan Club for Danish heavy Music’ and ‘Fan Club for Danish Rock in the 70s’, with a total of more than 10,000 members. The museum can be visited every other year between kl. 8-16 (Sunday 8-12). NB. Guided tours and alternative opening hours may be possible. Entrance fee DDK 50.

Poul Nowack, founder memorylanerockmuseum