Ørsted Kro – Ørsted inn

Ørsted / juni 1, 2018

Ørsted Kro – Ørsted inn

1446 1179 Civilian

Ørsted Kro is today a popular inn, owned by 580 shareholders.

The commercial part has been leased and the lessor operates a business with parties and some fixed opening days.

In addition, the place is run as Culture House, where the association Friends of Ørsted Kro makes for all activities – and all the practical things with the help of volunteers.


Five years ago, “a crazy idea” emerged from 3 active people in Ørsted.

The town’s inn was on sale – and their idea was that you could buy it together 8-10 people.

They invited to an information meeting – but here it was clear that “the village” would also be co-owners.

A large working group began collecting funds to buy the inn.

And from the first meeting, it took only three months to be able to buy the inn on September 15, 2013.


The purpose of purchasing the inn was to create life in the building, create activities where everyone could participate. Ørsted Kro Limited was founded for the purchase of the building the building and the friends of Ørsted Kro was founded to conduct the on-site events. The boards consist of 11 people, all of whom are passionate and consider the inn as their “own little baby”.


After the acquisition, various activities were undertaken immediately. mention the following: communal dining, theater, lecture, Q evening, M evening, breakfast jazz, dance school, Christmas party, J-day, voting meetings, stand-up and art exhibition.

Some activities have become a tradition and new ones see the light of day.

Latest very large cultural activity is our monthly “Culture Thursday”. It takes place in the daytime once a month with different entertainment and you get a good meal.

Entertainment combined with enjoyment and socializing. For these culture days, it is volunteers who do all the practical things.


Without volunteers and local firebrands, this project would never have been realized.

This applies to both normal maintenance – but has also been demonstrated in two major renovation projects.

The first major project was renovation of the hall, new ceilings, insulation, etc.

In the winter of 2017 a brand-new entrance hall and new toilets were made at the inn, just as the kitchen of the inn expanded to double size and at the same time completely renovated.

About 100 volunteers were involved – either as a craftsman, worker, painter, cleaning or as those who catered for the meal.

The work was done mostly in day-to-day operation and used approx. 5000 hours in 7 weeks.

Many funds are received for the site – all the projects could be done virtually without borrowing money.

The gain

The big benefit for the city is that you have now got a gathering place – you together about it. One has ownership of the site.

The many volunteers have meant new communities and suddenly you know each other in a new way. It has also meant that all the shops in the city now work together not fighting each other.

Tove Hjort Jensen, Chairman of Friends of Ørsted Kro Oerstedkro