Pan-Africa Festival

Aarhus / maj 1, 2018

Pan-Africa Festival

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Pan-African Festival Denmark is celebrating the community across and being there for each other. The community across! For the people behind PANAFEST is the most important community. That PANAFEST helps build a bridge at a time when there are too many ditches dug.

The Pan-African Festival is our contribution to cultural life and integration in Aarhus. A global festival celebrating the world’s diversity, focusing on cultural and social wealth in Africa, the part of the world, most commonly described as poor. We create an informal and family-friendly space for global enlightenment, cultural exchange, cooperation and intercourse. A needed space for bridge construction.

We do this with:

  • fashion shows
  • Speeches and stories that extend horizons and focus on bright spots
  • Concerts where you cannot stand still and some you can dream away to
  • Drum party
  • Market showing beautiful things from all over Africa
  • Food! – taste Africa and learn to cook yourself
  • Workshops for big and small, beauty / talent competition

…and much more

The festival derives from the intercultural event that the organizations have hosted since 2013. Every second month we meet across cultures and nationalities and tell stories, listen to music, dance and eat food from different places in the world, a new place every time.

These ROFAC events became so great that in 2013 we launched the event portal Yves Afro Events and in the 2015 Pan-African Festival. Same content – just more of it all!

Behind the Pan-African Festival, Reach Out For A Child stands – an association that is doing aid work in Ghana. The festival is coordinated by OROMOER in Denmark – an Ethiopian ethnic association for the purpose of disseminating the Oromo people’s culture, and history for the Danish community, UBUNTU Community-East Africa Association and Yves Afro Events – Event Portal making events, promotion of African music, global education and intercultural activities in Denmark.

PANAFEST 2017 was created in collaboration with Yves Afro Events, Reach Out For A Child, Gambia Friends, Danish Congolese Association, Oromans in Denmark, African Foot Print International, Touch of Africa, Jam Link International.

The plan is to repeat this event at the same time each year. In 2018 it was in the Botanical Garden in Aarhus.

Yvonne Pedersen, Panafestdenmark