Projekt UDENFOR – Project Outside

København / marts 1, 2018

Projekt UDENFOR – Project Outside

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Project UDENFOR works every day year-round to create better conditions for Denmark’s most vulnerable citizens. We do this through the dissemination of knowledge and street planning, because we believe that the fight against homelessness begins best where the homeless people are – on the street. In addition to food, clothes and sleeping bags, we provide other offers and support for moving in their own homes.

In The Mobile Café, project UDENFOR’s brings a meal out on the street to homeless people in Copenhagen. The cafe is not just food delivery, because the community around the meal provides a good start to caring, talking to the guests of the café and creating relationships.

Nathja has been volunteering at The Mobile Café for 13 years. Here she tells why she has been around for so long:

“It’s the meeting with the users who do. It is unique. And the joy it still is – both for them and me. To experience how grateful, they are. There is not much to do to do anything good. I give a little of my time and get myself a lot again. ”

The Mobile Café works closely with project UDENFOR’s street plan work. After a while, the volunteers write in an electronic diary, so projects UDENFOR’s street workers always know if there are users who have an urgent need for a professional response or whether there are new homeless people on the street.

Street planning is about creating a trustworthy relationship with the individual and getting the right help. Initially, it may be to help with clothes, food from The Mobile Café, a sleeping bag or tent and as the relationship develops, the effort becomes more targeted and can deal with everything from help to support base, application for passport or health insurance, assistance to a temporary residence, application for housing or assistance for a good return to the country of origin in case of a foreign homeless person.

Project UDENFOR is also constantly working on new experimental initiatives, which hopefully will be taken over by other actors. Among other things, we have started the social nurse who has now surrendered to the Capital Region, the homeless veterinarian, now under the Animal Protection, and Gadens Stemmer (the Voices of the Street), which has become an independent social-economic company. Two of the new projects we are currently working with, is Byg UDENFOR, where homeless people can help build their own mobile homes and Café UDENFOR, which is a working community where homeless can help make and eat food.

Margit Ernst, communications officer Project UDENFOR