Rethink Human Being

Aarhus / januar 4, 2018

Rethink Human Being

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Rethink Human Being is a non-profit organization started and driven by dedicated people.

Common to the many projects we run is the concept of viability. The term differs from one concept of sustainability based on the individual’s inner motivation. While Sustainability is about the social and economic systems, viability is about consciousness and being in the world. The way we work with it is by asking questions that will challenge our way of thinking and being in the world. Rethink Human Being is not made to strike people in the mind with a bad conscience, such as “You do it wrong “. We challenge people with open questions about their own lives and values ​​- but they determine the answer itself. We believe that it provides a personal form for growth and development – that creates the basis for action. Contrary to the question, “Is the society responsible?” We ask: “Are you a responsible person?”. Other questions could be: “Can you own something? “,” Is Human Important, “” Should Everybody Be Included? “or” Do You Deliver Your Potential? “.

The questions are collected in our Viability Games. Participants respond to a selected one questions that will challenge and create reflection. They just respond with a “Yes” or “No”. It is in this way, easy to participate as it does not require long explanations or reasons. If the participants think that the question is interesting, it can develop into a dialogue between participants. The questions are designed to touch the values ​​and feelings that accompany both heart and brain.

Another initiative is the campaign “Fewer Foreigners in the World”. The project is basically based at the alienation that occurs between people based on gender, ethnicity, politics, social class, etc. We believe that the concept of viability can be used regardless of these big differences. Among other things. Driving around with our Mobile Cafe for Fewer Foreigners in the World and sells coffee for various events. At the cafe we have chairs, which says, “Sit down here and talk with a stranger “- an opportunity is of course to use the Viability Games as a frame for the conversation. Our experience is that these conversations that occur spontaneously in the city’s space can create bridge between strangers and different cultures. Another project under Fewer Foreigners in the World were the event of the Polarity Paradox in Aarhus Musikhus, where there was presentation of polarity from so different people as physicist Holger Bech Nielsen, politician Mogens Lykketoft, spiritual teacher Anne Sophie Jørgensen and principal of The Danish School of Media and Journalism Jens Otto Kjær Hansen. Everyone can become ambassadors for the campaign and even start creating “Fewer strangers in the world” – it takes place via the website

Right now, we are working on spreading the concept of well-being within HR and organizational development, where we have developed a unique concept for creating internal viability organizations by working with values ​​and relationships. Next step is teaching materials that we will implement in primary and secondary schools. We believe that, that next-generation citizens can benefit from a new way of thinking awareness and sustainability on. If we are to create a worthier future, then it’s natural to start with future generations taking over the earth from us.

Frederik I. Pedersen Rethink Human Being