Ryslinge Sculpture Park

Ryslinge / Oktober 3, 2017

Ryslinge Sculpture Park

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Ryslinge Sculpture Park was opened in 1995, where a group of firebrands from Ryslinge realized the idea of ​​a nature and art park, which would be for the benefit of the citizens and visitors.

The park is in a flat valley. When the ice melted after the last ice age for about 10,000 years ago, mostly clay was washed away. It is a skinny soil mostly consisting of sand and gravel. The park is in the western end of Ryslinge town. The park, which covers 10 km of land, has a proliferation of old Danish bushes and woods.

Throughout the park, Sallinge Å (stream), who, during nature restoration, has got his twists back in the area. Sallinge Å has its origin in Sandager Mose (marsh) and ends many kilometers later in Odense Å. Bridges lead two places across the creek to a small lake where animal and plant life resides in nature’s own power.

Work on the establishment and maintenance of the park has been completed in voluntary work over the last few years. However, they are more costly investments for e.g. works of art have been covered by funds, including The Faberske Fund has provided great support to the park, both in terms of the purchase of works of art and the construction of trails, etc. As a recognition of the initiative for the formation of such a local natural oasis, the park was awarded the Svend Saabyes initiative prize in 1996.

The park is used daily by residents and visitors, who go for a walk in the beautiful scenery. The park contains artifacts but also serves as a breathable hole with the ability to get touched and get fresh air in the lungs. The park has evolved with wild-grown plants and wild fauna, but it is possible to walk safely on the trails with a stroller or rollator.

Karl Top, Chairman Ryslinge Skulpturpark

Foto: The “Birds” by Søren West with Frede Troelsen “Fertility Symbol” in the background.