Samsø Råvarefestival – The Samsoe Commodity Festival

Tranebjerg / december 1, 2017

Samsø Råvarefestival – The Samsoe Commodity Festival

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The Samsoe Commodity Festival is run by the volunteer association of the same name. The festival depends entirely on the efforts of volunteers, and thus owes its existence to the local community’s enthusiasm for and connection to the event. And the excitement is great 🙂 In addition the voluntary board meets about 12-14 times a year to plan. We get help from approx. 70 volunteers throughout the year and especially during weekends in week 24 where we have the festival. It’s all from farmers who sponsor raw materials for local craftsmen who build the area. People who volunteer come and serve for the evening party and people who chop vegetables with the kids. We also have a great backing from the island’s artists, craftsmen and musicians backing up with decor and entertainment.

The Samsoe Commodity Festival is an annual recurring event, celebrating the island’s fresh produce, local food every year. Samsoe is a true cornucopia of good vegetables and fresh fruits, the island is often named “the Danish kitchen garden”. Several years before it became modern to talk about local food, about small producers, home-cooking, sourdough, street kitchens, seasonal focus and all the other gastronomic things that are right now, The Samsoe Commodity Festival opened the doors for a world of local products. A world that becomes more adventurous for exploration every year. Musical features, entertainment for big and small, stands, activities and food galore create the festive frame when the joint farmers and producers show their products in front of the festival guests. The Samsoe Commodity Festival is held in 2018 for the 17th time and has been a popular event for tourists and companions.

Samsoe is called “The Danish Vegetable garden” and for good reason. The mild climate and the long tradition of cultivating vegetables has made the island one of the places in the country where the very best products are produced. Over the past decade a lot of small new producers have come up, making everything from home-grown asparagus mayo to cold-pressed apple cider and gin, and together it makes Samsoe a place where both guests and locals have the good taste as their nearest neighbor. As a combination, it is of course a great pride to live in a beautiful vegetable garden, and that pride will be a part of the Samsoe Commodity Festival.

At the 2017 festival, guests could also meet, taste and buy a wide range of raw materials and specialties produced on the island – from strawberries, asparagus and potatoes to asparagus mayonnaise, cider and gin. One could dive into the same food culture history through tastings on local dishes, experience lectures and exhibitions about the potato’s history. And in collaboration with the research and dissemination center, Taste for Life, we arranged “Taste Hunting”, where children and their adults through a variety of tasks and visits to the stands became wiser on both the taste and them. There were workshops and lectures on Wild Food, Ecology, Taste and Chemistry, and there was a bonfire and skateboard school. The Samsoe Nature School is an important part of the festival and supports each year with dissemination of nature care on Samsoe, herbs in nature and sheep in the field.

Over the last 2 years, we have put an extra focus on engaging children and young people in activities that can intensify their interest in raw materials and cooking. The many extra activities have also lifted the festival and have meant extra traffic on the square and significantly more impressions than previous years. We are a relatively small festival, seen in the big context, but we are a dedicated and well-attended festival in the heart of Denmark 🙂

The Samsoe Commodity Festival is about the wide joint marketing of Samsoe and the joint products. Community, kindness and the good taste are the focal point of the Festival. Our target audience is wide, but we are particularly passionate about giving a good experience to both families with children and gastronomists.

As something new, we established this year the “Commodity Workshop”. The commodity workshop will be the place where you can participate in small mini-cookery schools and workshops as a child, young or adult of all ages. The commodity workshop should be able to engage children and young people in activities that can intensify their interest in raw materials and cooking. It will allow the many enthusiasts in the food industry to convey knowledge to the next generation to create innovation and to create a community about our pride – our gastronomy and our food culture. It’s going to be good! 🙂

The festival is for children, young people and adults of all ages with an interest in cooking and fresh produce. A festive forum where we invite the whole world to celebrate quality local produce as well as bring people together on tastes and good experiences – all are welcome.

Kristina Thiemke, Chairman Samsoe Raavarefestival