SCULT Denmark

Aalborg / september 1, 2018

SCULT Denmark

809 731 Civilian

SCULT World Sport Volunteers Movement is a nonprofit international volunteer movement with sport in focus.

We are a progressive social movement that wishes to promote an active lifestyle, related competency development through volunteering and sport.

We want to create value by linking volunteers and sporting events across cultures while at the same time acquiring new skills through local and international cooperation.

SCULT Denmark derives from an international collaboration between the SCULT World Sport Volunteers Movement and the EU ERASMUS + Sport Project. In this cooperation, the international players from Lithuania, Belgium, Finland and Denmark. In Denmark, University College Nordjylland Business Campus is the place that forms the framework for SCULT Denmark. We have a vision to create visibility and attention about the importance of firebrands and volunteers. Furthermore, SCULT Denmark wishes to draw attention to the Danish voluntary culture towards international students, as many of them have their daily courses in diverse education programs in Denmark.

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Stine Langer Hansen, Ambassador SCULT Denmark