Siddharth ecovillage

Koraput, India / December 1, 2018

Siddharth ecovillage

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Beyond the clutter and cloud of ambiguity, compromised and exploited environment, complex and coaxed mainstream life, this living arrangement characterized as ‘eco-village’ is to experiment and find a way of life that so many of us are seeking. Many of us have now realized that it is not sustainable to go on with this consumption oriented, convenience seeking life style. Not sustainable for environment, not conducive for a sane, wise mind and healthy body to flourish.

What is our best option then? How can we make our everyday process of life wiser, more suitable for every one involved? There goes the major lack, we have lost sight of who all get affected by our decisions, our actions. It’s as spiritual, philosophical as it is practical. For example, when we decide to do agriculture in a certain way, who all are we impacting? From the tiniest invisible life forms to the human beings involved in the process, how are they impacted? How is it possible to maintain the best balance? What to choose to consume and grow? How much and what is the source of our energy/water consumption? Nature of the waste generation and management. Nature of our interactions with environment at large. What are our intellectual, creative or spiritual pursuits? A well reflected response to all of these and certainly more make a community life style eco-friendly. It is indispensable to be aware of our surroundings, the composition of it and design our lifestyle accordingly. Now we probably need to take a few steps back, slow down, reflect and rationalize.

This eco-village is incepted with the simple philosophy of ‘life as it ought to be’. It is a direction towards organic, conscious, creative and happy mind for a healthy living for one and for all. This is an attempt, a quest at learning and living such lifestyle. All who participate ought to come with certain common principle ideologies. Rest is a journey to be discovered individually as well collectively.

It is currently at the very nascent stage as the intentional eco village part goes. Initial mud bricks are being laid . Two eco villagers residing and setting the place up with local help. A few have heard about it and planning to come and experience.  Planned activities, everyday ordeals under this are

  • Growing food permaculture way
  • Using solar/biogas energy source
  • Mud and bamboo based eco housing
  • Upcycling waste
  • Building up bio diversity
  • Interaction with local community specially kids for disseminating desired practices

This shares physical boundaries as well certain background connections with a NGO, called Thread. Thread has been operational for past few decades working here in Odisha with the tribal women for their empowerment and enabling them to practice sustainable organic agriculture methods. This establishes a link to many tribal villages in Odisha. These villages naturally existed as eco living spheres until the mass modes and commodities reached them comparatively recently. So the new intentional community has the required connections which make it easier to understand and take up desired/applicable practices which still exist in these villages in their pure forms.

Sonia Mukherjee, THREAD, Siddharth ecovillage Koraput, India