Social Sundhed – Social Health

Aarhus / september 1, 2018

Social Sundhed – Social Health

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Everyone is entitled to equal treatment in our common healthcare system.

In Social Health – bridge workers in the health service, we are working to increase social equality in health. We do this with two perspectives in mind.

In the short term, we daily support people who, in their own way, find it difficult to use and benefit from the contact with our joint health service. In the longer term, we increase the social equality of health from below and up through the healthcare system. Our volunteer bridge builders are all healthcare students – and thus future health professionals. They acquire experiences in communicating and interacting with vulnerable people and gaining knowledge and insight into the relationships and barriers that create and maintain inequality. We believe that they will therefore become better health professionals and can help create a change in healthcare system that comes from below.
Mutual learning between citizens and bridge builders is thus a fundamental principle of the organization. Social Health’s work is geared towards strengthening established health system. We do not work in parallel with this, but in continuation of this, with the aim of giving everyone equal access to health.

Social Health’s human vision
Social Health is based on human perception, which is recovery and empowerment-oriented.
We acknowledge the individual and the right to decide and take responsibility for our own lives. We believe in the positive intention of every person’s choice and that everyone makes the best choice for their own situation. It is an attitude we seek to live and express in all relationships, including to ourselves and to each other, volunteers, citizens, professionals and other collaborators.
We have no visitation. All people who, for various reasons, find it difficult to contact, use or benefit from our health service on an equal footing with other citizens, are welcome to contact us.

The daily work
Our coordinators create the initial contact between citizens and bridge builders. Everyone can call – you that need support, relatives or staff. Both if there is a need for escort to an already agreed agreement or if you need an initial talk before commencing a longer a longer period in the healthcare system. The coordinators thus ensure contact between the bridge builder on duty that day and the person who needs support.
If you have many contacts with the health service, there may be an option to have a permanent bridge builder attached. Social Health offers personal support and assistance to, but not limited to: medical visits, dental physiotherapist, emergency room, emergency doctor, psychologist, medicine retrieval, examinations and treatments by specialist physician and supervisor on treatment.

Andreas Kornum Vestergaard, Social Sundhed