Student & Innovation House

Frederiksberg / Oktober 4, 2017

Student & Innovation House

845 1025 Civilian

In 2013, a small group of students at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) had a dream of creating a place where we could meet across educational institutions. Student & Innovation House is the result of this dream. A place where we students can apply our theoretical knowledge in practice, work in innovative communities and take active co-responsibility to create positive changes in a tomorrow’s society.

In the first few years, there was a small group who laid their minds in the task of laying the foundations of the project and since then many more students have joined the volunteer community. To succeed with the mission on an interdisciplinary meeting place, it is essential that we students, have the right framework, tools and opportunities for development. We do not have today.

We have today raised DKK 52.5 million (Euro 7 million) from non-profit funds to rebuild the beautiful old police station at Frederiksberg to an innovative and creative hub for student engagement. Although the house only opens in 2020, there are currently 50 elite students with 12 different nationalities from seven different educational institutions. We are all working towards developing and establishing a place for student communities across education. The house will provide the basis for activities that inspire curiosity and cooperation.

The many students who are active in the project today will almost all finish the studies when the reconstruction of the police station is completed. But our driving force is to create a visionary student and innovation house that in the next many generations will equip real-life students to address society’s big and small issues and create positive changes, in collaboration with researchers, business and curious citizens.

If you want to get involved in the project, you are very welcome.

Maria Flora Middelboe Andersen, Studenthouse (Photo: Esben Zöllner)