Kræftforeningen Tidslerne – The Cancer Association Thistles

Esbjerg / februar 1, 2018

Kræftforeningen Tidslerne – The Cancer Association Thistles

2095 2041 Civilian

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people with cancer. Family, friends, acquaintances, too many are affected by this disease, and regardless of the type of cancer we are talking about, it is difficult to relate to the moment the diagnosis is found. A lot of questions appear and where can you get the answer all the questions that automatically follow in such a situation?

Kræftforeningen Tidslerne was founded in 1991 by 12 elders, all of whom were cancer patients. In recent years, membership has risen year by year. The association is run by 100% of volunteers. No one gets a salary for their efforts, no rent, etc.

Tidslerne has helped many and the phone is open a few hours four days a week. The contacts have had or live with a form of cancer, and they are ready to answer questions and give advice. We are independent of pharmaceutical companies and doctors, and according to Carsten Vagn-Hansen, we are one of the few real patient associations.

As chairman, I often go to debates, meetings on health, courses and the like. We attend Folkemødet – The People’s Political Festival on Bornholm (where I received the Sundhedsparlament Firebrand Prize in 2016), both to interfere with debates, but of course to spread knowledge about Tidslerne, as well as gain new knowledge from other angles – you can see the debate of Tidslerne from 2017 on Facebook: ” Kræftforeningen Tidslerne”. Tidslerne also participate in the European Cancer Patient Coalition.

Local communities throughout the country also do a lot of volunteering. There are lectures. Tidslerne participate in various fairs about health and lifestyle. The schedules provide self-help courses at different locations in the country where the participant meet other like-minded (patient members only) and with different themes and posts during the stay, usually three days for very limited self-payment.

The members receive two journals annually with patient stories, articles on cancer treatments, medicine, research, book news etc. Upon enrollment, you receive the latest member magazine and the Tidsel Guide with more than 100 pages of useful information for cancer patients. On our website there are 236 searchable articles as well as magazines from the past five years.

Facebook. ” Kræftforeningen Tidslerne” is available as “open page” with various information and as a closed “group” with 2800 dedicated members where cancer-affected and relatives help each other and without any advertising. Each patient must find her/his own way. What works and is good for one patient is not necessarily the right one for another patient, but good advice can always be used.

Gifts. Tidslerne is a §8-approved association, which means that testamentary legacy and legacy are received free of charge. In addition, gift grants up to DKK 15,600 can be reported to Tax (for deduction in income tax) if we know name and personal identity. All the money goes to the patients!

We must receive at least 100 gift grants of at least DKK 200 a year to maintain our §8 approval. Support the good work. Membership only DKK 225 per person per year.

Our healthcare system treats symptoms – Tidslerne seek causal treatment.

Often, patients are threated to start treatment quickly – Take the time to make the right choice!

Mai Nielsen, Chairman Tidslerne