UngEnergi – YoungEnergy

Aarhus / april 1, 2018

UngEnergi – YoungEnergy

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UngEnergi is a network of young people working to gather an entire generation to stop climate change and work together for a sustainable world.

UngEnergi started in 2012 when a group of young firebrands from SustainableEnergy participated at a trade fair at a high school. There they were met by an abundance of young people who would like to make a difference for a more sustainable world but did not know how to make a real difference. Today, UngEnergi has over 100 members, 150 volunteers and local departments in five cities: Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense, Roskilde, Copenhagen.

In UngEnergi, we think it’s good to be sustainable and we want to show other young people. We focus on the positive alternatives. We enlighten for fun and seriousness, and with a young-to-young perspective. Because we know that young people can use a community and role models that can pave the way for a more sustainable future and we find that young people need a place where they can engage!

We focus on giving other young people concrete advice on how to make a big difference with a small effort, and we create an opportunity for you to join a community that works together for a sustainable future. UngEnergi focuses on activities that show how we can reduce CO2 emissions, increase the use of renewable energy sources and responsible use of planet resources. With our activities, we will show you how to make a difference for a sustainable world.

In addition to our many activities at festivals and colleges, we continuously develop campaigns, happenings and events that in a fun and funky way show other young people the way towards a more sustainable behavior – ranging from Christmas presents to transport habits. In addition, we also have Five Fat Advice, which are some very specific advice you can use as young if you want to live more sustainable – in the cool way.

Locally, the volunteer groups are run by steering groups working to spread and engage more young people in the work of UngEnergi. As a volunteer in UngEnergi, most workgroups are gathered on specific tasks and events that vary depending on interests and ideas. It is the young people who contribute to the projects themselves, and the local departments are doing everything from participation at the NorthSide Festival to Sustainable Christmas – and they collaborate with local partners to influence young people in a more sustainable direction.

UngEnergi, who is the youth organization of SustainableEnergy, has its own National Board, elected at the annual general meeting.

Mette Raaschou, consultant UngEnergi

Mette Raaschou, frivilligkonsulent www.ve.dk/ungenergi