Women of the World

København / maj 1, 2018

Women of the World

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Women of the World in Denmark is a association of women who has primarily come to Denmark through marriage with a Danish man. Our integration is a loving and daily process. We are marriage migrants. We have found our own way of being both Danish and an ethnic minority, without feeling divided.

Our purpose is to create and gather knowledge about well-integrated immigrants, to arrange debate and focus on ethnic and gender equality and to qualify Danish and foreign professionals working with integration barriers. Women of the World in Denmark want to help reduce integration barriers and thereby ensure equality and well-being for new Danes so that their contributions to Danish society are increased and become visible.

We can do something special! This is, for example, guidance for new Danish women in terms of how they can and will use their resources, including help and counseling for recognition of qualifications and continuing education; advice for women who have just come to the country through family reunification or as a partner, to establish relationships and to form networks in the new country also outside of the major cities; coaching for career development for women who have a higher education from their home country and who have the ambition to use their education and experience to build a career in Denmark; training and advice on intercultural communication and competence development with immigrant goggles.

The Association Women of the World in Denmark has formed a prize for ethnic minority women, who became known as the Alma Prize. The award goes to a woman with a different ethnic background than Danish, who does a lot of work in the Danish society. In 2017, the first two women with immigrant backgrounds, Yildiz Akdogan and Özlem Cekic, were elected to the Danish parliament.

Youth-Trio – Socialization, Culture, Creativity

In 2017 we completed our first international project. As a leader of a two-year cooperation project of voluntary associations from Sweden, Finland and Russia, which has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The purpose of the project is to share experiences with bringing young people together through creative projects in the field of culture.

Denmark’s Political Festival at Bornholm

The women of the world in Denmark, in collaboration with others in the World Cultural Center’s association network, planned the “Power of the Word” debate at the Political Festival at Bornholm in 2017. Here it was discussed how to talk about minorities, to hear them and to include them in the community.

Words can hurt. Words create generalizations, stereotypes and prejudices about entire groups of people in Danish society. We define and limit each other with words. But we humans do not fit into tight boxes. For the event, a platform was created where people who suffered from these words could even put their own experiences and make up with the limited boxes.

In addition, we arrange various events eg:

– The Women of the World in Denmark participated in a demonstration on 8 March in Copenhagen with several thousand women and men in the struggle for better equality in everyday life.

“The Women of the World in Denmark have prepared a campaign #Sendflerekvinderind, to help women candidates get seats in the new municipal councils. We have shown especially the women candidates with ethnic minority backgrounds to the voters by conducting various activities.

” The Women of the World in Denmark, in cooperation with several other ethnic minority associations, have taken the initiative to form the KulturMix evening school. The purpose is to help spread the knowledge of the culture and traditions of different countries and nationalities.

– Nordic Food with Immigrant Glasses – Identity and Development. The World Women in Denmark held a course on Nordic fish dishes for women.

– Cultural events for elderly people, thus enabling you to get acquainted with interesting cultural traditions from different countries.

Alma Bekturganova Andersen, Women of the World